Renew Fid Card Massachusetts

Applicants can stop by the Wellesley Police Department at their convenience to apply, typically each shift has at least one officer trained in the MIRCS firearms licensing program.

Renewal Applicants Originally Licensed in another City of Town must Provide a Copy of Safety Course Certificate.

Your photo and fingerprints will also be taken at the time of your appointment.

It includes all appearances as both a juvenile and as an adult.

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City of Somerville Massachusetts Police Department.

Do weapons purchased by Massachusetts residents while in another state have to be reported in Massachusetts? Renewal applicants do not need an appointment. Firearms Records Bureau site. Whom do I notify?

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Applications will not be processed if all requirements are not met.

Every attempt will be made to keep scheduled interviews; however, the very nature of police worksometimes causes these appointments to be cancelled at the last minute.

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Firearms Licensing Berlin Public Safety.

Taking a firearms safety course is your best option if you are simply trying to fulfill the training requirement to apply for a Massachusetts firearms license.

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Firearms Clerk will notify you of your appointment date and time.

An individual with an LTC is not required to maintain an FID Card also, although an individual may hold both. You will be required to show proof of residency. No photographs are needed.

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Town Hall hours: Mon.

Restrictions: Permit is valid for the purchase or possession, of chemical mace, pepper spray or similar other propelled liquid, gas or powder designed to temporarily incapacitate.

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All applications will be approved or disapproved within the sound discretion of the Chief of Police, or their designee, subject to Massachusetts General Laws and the policy and procedures of this department as outlined above.


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If you have moved to Danvers, you must notify the Firearms Records Bureau, the Danvers Police Department and the department that issued your license of your new address.

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NO personal checks accepted.

Once we receive your packet, we will process your permit online and we will call you to come in for a brief appointment.

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Additional training is not required.

Applications may be obtained at any time at the Police Department clerks office or the dispatch center lobby. YOU ARE PROHIBITED FROM POSSESSING SELF DEFENSE SPRAY. CLASS D TO LAWFULLY POSSES SELF DEFFENSE SPRAY. Click for more information. Payments may be made by mail or turned in at your appointment. Please note new address!

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Email is the preferred method.

YES Are you currently the subject of any outstanding arrest warrant in any state or federal jurisdiction? Police Department in the city or town where you live or where your principal place of business is located. YES Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Arrest Warrant is not eligible. Ludlow or own a business in Ludlow.


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We strongly advise that if you find yourself in this situation to secure any weapons with a properly licensed relative, friend or licensed FFL dealer until such time as you obtain the proper permit.


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How much does it cost to park in Wellesley?

NONEHave you ever held a firearms license in any other state, territory or jurisdiction?


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If you have a sealed record, let us know.

If your telephone number or any other information cannot be read, your application WILL NOT BE PROCESSED. Convicted of any crime involving trafficking in drugs. License, School ID, Passport, etc. How Can You Help Prevent Rabies?


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Firearms Licensing Information City of Woburn.

If you are looking to renew your license to carry, please keep this in mind and check for open spots in advance of your expiration date.

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Who Do I Call?

It should also be noted that an FID Card or an LTC are not required to purchase an air gun or ammunition. FID Applications must be submitted by USPS Mail. You must submit the original copy.

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This page is helpful.

Having been arrested and convicted of certain crimes does not necessarily prohibit you from getting your LTC or FIC Card.

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