Body Wrap Equipment

Body Wrap equipment Product recommendations

A body wrap is a wellness treatment with great benefits you should not miss out. At first you should read our full guide on body wraps to make sure you got all the information. On this page we present you the “gear” we use for our body wraps.

The Basics

If you never did a body wrap before you might want to try things out. You only need two things.

  1. Bentonite clay: Actually you can go for any bentonite clay out there. Just keep in mind that you will need bigger amounts of clay than normal. So we go for the Living Clay Detox Powder(Amazon Link). By the way, you can also consume this one internally so this one is a great choice!
  2. Plastic Paper: I suggest you to use this plastic paper(Amazon Link). You need enough plastic paper to cover the areas you want. Do you have a latex allergy? Obviously go for the latex free. The plastic paper is great for wrapping it tight above your body. Julia is often using this plastic sheet(Amazon Link) for her body wraps because she doesn’t like the wrap being super tight.

And that’s about it! You can start your first body wrap. But if you want to increase the benefits check the next section.

For Intermediate

This section is for all who want to go that extra mile and make the body wrap super beneficial. These three things are nice ideas to mix with bentonite clay:

Kelp powder(Amazon Link): Kelp is a mineral rich substance you can benefit from. It is a leading source of iodine that you need for your thyroid. There are many other minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium inside and it has great detoxing properties. You can also ingest it but in this case we want to use it for our body wrap.

Dried Lavender(Amazon Link): You can add some dried lavender to your body wrap. The lavender will relief stress, calm your mind and lower anxiety. It helps against acne and skin impurities.

If you tend to have dry skin you should add some coconut oil(Amazon Link) to the mixture of your body wrap. Coconut oil also has many great benefits but in this case the main task is to protect your skin from dryness.

The Professional

One main goal you go for while doing a body wrap is to sweat as much as possible. Multiple layers of plastic that are wrapped around you trap the body‘s heat which warms the clay so it can work properly. That’s pretty similar to the effect you have after a sauna sessions. And you can even increase this effect at home with this Sauna Blanket:

Heat Sauna Blanket 2 Zone Controller(Amazon Link)

If you want to get the most of your body wraps you have to go for this sauna blanket. Sweating is one of the most important parts of a body wrap and this Sauna Blanket makes it easy.

The Lazy

Our last product recommendation is for all the lazy out there. You want to benefit from body wraps but you don’t want to invest much time and effort? Then simply go for an all in one solution. This Brazilian Body Wrap(Amazon Link) is really easy to use and has 100% natural ingredients.