Best Toner

Best Toner

Skincare is an important habit that I got used to a few years ago. During these years I found out that a face mask is a great treatment but to improve the result even further I added a few measures. One of them was applying toner on my face after the clay mask. The reason is that the clay mask leaves ingredients on your skin that should be removed. The toner is able to clean the skin of dust pollution and impurities which often remain after you rinse of your facial mask.

Our Recommendation:

  1. If you want the very best get the Ole Henriksen Toner(Amazon Link).
  2. If you have problems with dry skin go for the Avène Gentle Toner(Amazon Link).
  3. And if you want a basic product for everyday use go for Witch Hazel(Amazon Link).

What to Look For

The toner is a important component of you skincare routine and you should take care of the ingredients. There are different versions like calming toners or soothing toners. In general I would look for chamomile or rosewater, essential oils or plant extracts. Many toners are with alcohol in it and after doing a facial mask you should try to avoid that! Most of the time you will overdry your skin and will lead to uncomfortable feeling of tension in your face. Only if your skin is tough and oily you can safely use a toner with alcohol. Just to make clear: Alcohol in a toner is not bad in every case. Alcohol has the property to disinfect your skin and clean it even better, just in combination with the face mask you might overdo things and should be careful.

For Daily Use: Witch Hazel Toner

If you are new to skincare and make your first steps choose a toner like Witch Hazel(Amazon Link). This is a very basic toner, everyone is using and you can’t do anything wrong. The ingredients are water, witch hazel extract, Aloe Vera, cucumber and grapefruit and it’s with alcohol. It’s suitable for every skin type but be a bit careful if you have very sensitive skin.

Witch Hazel is known for it’s ability to soothe your skin, ease inflammations and reduce skin irritation. That’s why it helps against acne and eczema; so if you do your clay mask against acne you will support your treatment with Witch Hazel even more.

To use Witch Hazel safely just do an initial patch test on your skin to check if you have any allergies against the ingredients. Be careful! While applying it onto your face that you protect your eyes.

To be honest Witch Hazel is a good start and there is nothing to complain about but it’s lacking valuable ingredients like antioxidants, plant extracts and vitamin c. That’s why you should consider buying one of the next products:

Toner For Dry Skin: Eau Thermale Avène Gentle Toner

A good toner should restore the moisture balance of your skin and control the redness. Furthermore, it should control the flaky areas of your face. If you have dry skin you must be careful which toner you choose. The Eau Thermale Avène Gentle Toner(Amazon Link) is, in my opinion, the best one for dry skin. This toner is really gentle and leaves your skin smooth and cool. It doesn’t drag out moisture while it reduces blemishes. The product is especially made for very dry to dry skin types. This toner is without alcohol which I really prefer. There are only natural ingredients in it like silicates which build a protective layer against outer influences. All in all, this would be my choice for senstive/dry skin types.

Toner for Oily Skin: Ole Henriksen OIL Control Toner

The Ole Henriksen OIL Control(Amazon Link) Toner is the best toner for oily and combination skin. I love this one, but it’s pretty expensive. That’s why I only use this once or twice a week. After I clean my face I use the toner and I am highly impressed how much dirt still stays on my face even after cleaning it completely. As already said I have combination skin with a t-zone. My main problems are clogged pores in the t-zone, blackheads and flaky cheeks with an oily forehead. Back in the days in thought that I can only handle my problem with different products for the various face areas. But I found out that one toner should handle all problems at once and that’s what this one is doing perfectly. It removes the oil from the forehead, cleans the impurities in the area of my nose AND on the cheek it clears the flakes. After using the toner I ALWAYS apply a moisturizer on my face and I would highly recommend doing that.

Salicylic, glycolic, and lactic acids care for minimizing pores and controlling the oil formation. Other ingredients are green tea, eucalyptus, algae and Irish moss extract which are antiseptic and allay inflammation. This is exactly what I expect from a great toner. It comes with all these valuable ingredients for our skin. So if you want to do yourself a favor try this one.