Best Pink Clays

Pink Clay Buyers Guide

Rose or pink clay is great when you want improve your skin quality but you tend to have sensitive skin. Especially during the winter, you know that your skin is already stressed because of the cold temperatures. If I use the “normal” bentonite clay too often then you might cause dry, flaky and irritated skin. Then I switch to rose clay because I don’t want to miss out on the benefits of a facial mask. When I use the Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay(Amazon Link) as a face mask (up to 3 times a week) I never have problems. We want to tell you the upsides of this product and why we almost always choose this when it comes to rose clay.

Our Pink Clay Recommendation

When you mix red and white clay you get pink clay as a result. Pink Clay is a great clay for facial masks because it’s really gentle to your skin. It’s suitable for every skin type but works best for dry skin. But there are countless products out there and all make the same promises. We tested quite a few and we found our favourite.

Our recommendation is Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay(Amazon Link). This rose clay is more expensive than the other products but it’s totally worth it. You will get a clay with great detoxing effect and deep pore cleansing ability. It removes impurities in a short period of time and leaves your skin with a glow. I am using this clay up to 3 times a week and don’t get any problems with dry or irritated skin. After the treatment I always feel like my skin got renewed, it looks bright and beautiful. The skin feels soft and clean, I love that feeling. This clay is already mixed so you don’t have to put in much work and time to use it.

There are a few negative amazon reviews but please don’t panic. Nearly every single one-star-review is about the bad shipping and packaging. Until now, we never had bad luck, so I can’t judge about that. But in the last months they have solved the problem, atleast that’s what other clients report.

Finally, it comes with a brush inside so you don’t have to buy it extra. That’s never a reason for me to buy a product, but it’s a nice extra to have.

What Can I do If I am on a Budget?

If you are on a budget but you want to benefit from pink clay choose the Australian Clay Pastel Pink(Amazon Link). I admit that the Sand & Sky is quite a bit costly so you can grab this one to get a similar experience. My opinion is, that this product is a little more aggressive than the Sky & Sand clay. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pink clay so we are far away from the drying effect of bentonite clay. The product is cheaper because it’s not mixed with any fluid, you will get clay powder. You have to mix it yourself with the risk of choosing the wrong ratio. This is a trial and error process and you might have to do it a few times until the texture is perfect. You can mix the powder with distilled water or with rose water and avocado oil. If you have a sensitive skin choose the avocado version, in all other cases water is fine.

Julia used the Pastel Pink over 5 weeks (2 times a week) and the results were also great. I noticed a clear beautiful skin without any pimples after three weeks. She was really confident and about that product.

In conclusion just be careful with this one when you have really sensitive skin. This one might be a bit stronger than the Sky&Sand. If you don’t want to mix the clay yourself don’t choose the Pastel Pink. But in any other case you absolutely do nothing wrong with the Australien Pastel Pink Clay.

But I Want to Use French Pink Clay

I can tell you that I used both, the Australian and the French rose clay, and I didn’t noticed a big difference. If you want to try the French I can recommend you the Eve Hansen French Pink Clay(Amazon Link). The results were great in both cases, though I really have to admit that the Sky & Sand Australian clay works best for me. It’s a fact that the Australian clay is even more gentle than the French because of the Silica in it. Silica has a moisturizing effect and that will prevent your skin from getting dried out.

I am ok with all the Eve Hansen products because they don’t use parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes or fragrances and they never tested any products on animals. The pink clay is clean and cruelty free and therefore gives me a good feeling while using it. We were curious so we tested the French clay once. I used the French clay 3 times a week and I haven’t had any problems. I have to admin that my skin is not that sensitve, so you might not take that as a good example. If you are not sure check the “How Often Can I use a Clay Mask” article to figure out your schedule. In conclusion I had the slight feeling that the effect was not as great as the effect from Australien clay was. I had the feeling that it was a little “lax” compared to the other.

Decision Guidance

  • Best pink clay: Sky&Sand. Try it and you will be deeply impressed.
  • If you are on a budget try the Pastel Pink.
  • If you really want to try French pink clay try the Eve Hansen.