Best Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay Buyers Guide 2019

Bentonite clay is formed directly from volcanic ash; whereas the term ‘Bentonite’ originates from Fort Benton, where Bentonite clay is procured in large quantities. The clay is used in the form of paste on the skin and hair. You can also use bentonite clay internally as a supplement to detox your organs.

On this page we help you get an overview about our favourite bentonite clays. We have tested a ton of products over the last few years and there are huge quality varieties. It turns out that we can highly recommend you a few products:

External use:

Internal use:

Bentonite Clay for Hair and Skin (External Use)

The Magic Clay: Aztec Healing Clay

This is your magic weapon! We highly recommend the Aztec Indian Healing Clay(Amazon Link). The clay is really low-cost but has a strong effect on your skin. Aztec Bentonite Clay is 100% natural Bentonite clay, rich in calcium with deep cleansing property. It penetrates the upper layer of the skin and moves down the pores to offer deeply cleaned results. This skincare product has no fragrance, no additive, and no parabens. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask is dried under the sun to prevent mold and bacterial growth.

This is my main weapon against acne, pimples and black or whiteheads and it is working excellent. I have had great success by applying the paste on burns, cuts, insect stings and insect bites. Furhtermore, this product is easy to handle. The clay is rather strong, so start with one treatment per week and notice how your skin reacts. You can to adjust the frequency in the following weeks.

You can also buy it as a set “Aztec Clay Official Premium Mask Set”(Amazon Link)that is really useful in case you don’t have the appropriate gear to mix your clay. And you also get the apple cider vinegar which is very useful for the most recipes you can do with the clay.

Positive reviews say:

  • This facial mask cleans your skin to the deeper level and bears detoxification ability
  • Very effective mask that helps in the removal of acne marks and scars on the skin
  • Can be applied to both oily and sensitive skin

Temporary redness may be visible on the skin. But that will fade away after 45-60 minutes. If you recognize that Aztec Clay is too strong for you try Pink Clay!

Molivera Organics Bentonite Clay

This is Julias bentonite clay for hair masks. Molivera Organics Bentonite Clay(Amazon Link) is an Indian Bentonite clay of premium grade. The manufacturer is renowned worldwide and the clay mask is 100% pure clay and also from the Wyoming state. If you want to get a natural skin care product with great effect this might be your choice. This product is an amazing beautification solution for hair and skin. Julia almost only uses this for a hair mask and it actually works better for hair than the aztec healing clay. While using this you may get rid of several hair issues.

But of course you can also use it for your skin or as a facial mask. Molivera Bentonite claywill bring healthy glow to the skin and increase blood flow. After applying the mask, your skin will look fresh and glow. This product is totally free of fragrance, additive and animal products. We try to only use products with these properties.

Summarize: If you want to get the clay with the best overall effect take the Aztec Healing Clay. If you want a Bentonite clay especially for your hair take Molivera Bentonite Clay. Besides Molivera is not as strong as aztec healing clay when applied to the skin.

Bentonite Clay for Internal Use (Pills, Capsules, Supplements)

I am a huge fan of internal detox and I regularly consume all kind of detox drinks. I consume detox teas and bentonite clay drinks. Additional I take some probiotics(Amazon Link), mct-oil and a blueberry smoothie in my daily morning routine but that’s another story. My favourite Bentonite Drink is the clay by Food Grade:

Food Grade Calcium Bentonite Clay

In my opinion Food Grade Calcium Bentonite Clay(Amazon Link) is the best clay powder on the market for internal consumption. The clay is full of organic minerals like calcium, potassium iron and also sodium. Internal consumption of these elements improves digestive power, relieves ulcer, and allergy problems. Part of my regular routine is mixing 1 tablespoon Bentonite clay into my morning smoothie. The clay dissolves great, there are no chunks inside my smoothie. Sometimes it’s a little odd to drink dirt but you will get used to that quickly.

If I get stressed out really hard, e.g. test next day, the first sign of my body is that I get digestive problems. I have to counteract pretty fast to not get in trouble. I take a smoothie with benotonite clay and take my probiotics.

If you really don’t want to drink “mud” there is a solution for you.

Yerba Prima Bentonite Clay Plus Herbal Detox (Capsules)

This capsules are a great possibility when you refuse to drink dirt. In my opinion capsules are not that effective compared to the powder but I cannot prove that. It’s just a certain feeling and trust me I consumed a lot of both. There was a time where I tried all these bentonite clay capsules because I thought that drinking dirt is not that great. Finally I changed my mind and I say the chalky tasty belongs to bentonite clay. I actually feel closer to nature if I comsume the clay in its purest form. If you want to use capsules for any reason I recommend these:

The best capsules I found where the Yerba Prima Bentonite Clay with Herbal(Amazon Link) in it. You don’t have that chalky taste. Additionally you have the herbs in it which are good for your liver and your skin. Especially the Dandelion Root is great for detoxing your liver. Both ingredients together are strong in detoxing your body fast and that’s why I used these capsules from time to time. While being on journey this is a good replacement for the powder.

What to Look For When Purchasing?

Ingredients of the clay: Sodium or Calcium Clay? For Drinks: choose calcium.

Are all ingredients natural? Are there any additives or chemicals?

Do I get powder or is the clay already mixed? Both versions are fine. Less work involved if you take ready to use-version.