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Our commitment at Bank of America is to ensure that no property is taken to foreclosure sale until our customer is given a fair opportunity to be evaluated for a modification.

We will continue to work with the primary supervisors of these servicers through our backup examination authority.

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Bair, because of the decrease in real estate prices, many commercial borrowers will not be able to refinance, possibly causing mass foreclosures and hurting banks nationwide.

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My office has experienced a number of complaints, a significant number of complaints, by constituents who have had their places foreclosed on and have not been treated fairly.

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RMs, and we now assign an RM to each borrower as soon as they contact Chase for assistance due to financial hardship, such as loss of income or other major life event.

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When you separate ownership from the loan through the securitization process, the same economic incentives are not there.

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Foreclosures cause significant hardship to borrowers and communities. Podcast features several options, operational capacity to the pay. Not only must the homeowner be agreeable to any loss mitigation solution, but so too must mortgage insurers and junior lienholders if they are parties on the loan. HAMP Servicer Participation Agreements.


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In addition, the Congressional Oversight Panel has raised concerns today that the failure of servicers and others to correctly handle mortgages and mortgage documents could create systemic risk for the financial system.


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