How to Detox THC with Bentonite Clay

How to Detox THC with Betonite Clay(Works 100%)

You‘re really upset because your employer just announced a “drug-test” for everyone. The problem is that, from time to time, you smoke a little pot, just to have a relaxed weekend. Now you need to do your research on how to save your job by detoxing the THC and the THC metabolisms.

Using bentonite clay is one of the most reliable THC detoxing methods as you will see in the following article.

So let’s start with the basics.

What is THC?

THC, called tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main active substance responsible for most of marijuana’s effects. Tetrahydrocannabinol is a chemical combination that belongs to the group called cannabinoids. It’s a psychoactive substance and therefore forbidden in many countries. Nowadays there are exceptions, for example, the use of THC in medical treatments. You may have heard of the legalization of cannabis in Canada in late 2018. In Canada, at the age of 18, you are now allowed to possess and carry 30 grams of marijuana.

Cannabinoids are found in hemp, so you can extract THC out of the marijuana plants. When you consume Tetrahydrocannabinol it has many effects on the body. THC has an influence on receptors that are connected to nerve cells inside our brain. These nerve cells then release dopamine; creating euphoria. Furthermore, THC can affect how information is processed in the hippocampus. When you are “high”, the awareness of sounds, smells, or other things, such as pain, is completely different or even diminished compared to when you are in your normal state.

When you take a chemical drug, it’s almost certain that there will be side effects while using it. The most recognized symptoms are red eyes and dry mouth. You often can not concentrate as good as normal and sometimes you suffer from heavy hallucinations. It’s also possible to cause an anxious state that can include panic attacks, huffiness, or tremors. If you take too much THC or you are not familiar with the drug‘s side effects, the effects can be much stronger than normal. There are even long-term problems like a decreased IQ, though the studies here are not that valid for now. At least it’s almost impossible to overdose on THC. In theory, you have to consume 1500 pounds in like 15 minutes to get a lethal overdose. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t push your luck.

What is THC Detoxing?

THC detoxing is the process of eliminating THC and removing it from your body. The goal is to not find any trace of THC inside of you. You can prove the consumption of cannabis by investigating the blood of the suspected person. THC and its breakdown products can also be detected inside your hair. There is a certain limit-value named “cut-off”. If you reach the cut-off, you are considered to have tested positive for THC. The problem is that after you‘ve consumed cannabis for one or multiple times there is a substance in you called “THC-Carboxylic-acid”. This breakdown product is detectable for multiple weeks if you don’t do anything to rid your body of it. This is because THC-Carboxylic-acid is highly lipophilic, meaning that it attaches to the fat cells inside of you.

There are a few individual factors that you need to consider when thinking about a detox cure. Every metabolism is unique, that means that all people diminish substances in different time frames. Your metabolism depends on your BMI. That means the higher your BMI is the more fat your body carries and the slower the elimination will be for THC. In addition, it depends on how much and in which timeframe you consumed cannabis. So no one can tell you an exact number of days until you will be completely “clean” so please consider that in your deliberations.

There are three possible ways to drug test:

  • Test your urine(Urinanalysis): The is the most common way to drug test. This test checks the concentration of THC-COOH in your urine, not THC itself. If a test only searches for THC it can only be positive for 2-6 hours. Now you know that a urine test works for days to weeks after your last consumption of THC.
  • Test your blood: This test is not that reliable because the THC does not stay that long in your blood. As mentioned above, after 6-8 hours you cannot detect anything; unless if you use marijuanna every day.
  • Hair test: This test is not very common but if you get tested this way, be careful. The THC-Carboxylic-acid is located in the hair follicle for several weeks, months and even years afterwards depending on how often you use THC based products. This is absolutely risky. Be careful!

Why Should I Detox THC?

Now that you know the absolute basics of THC and have a slight idea about a detox-cure we should go a little deeper. Why should you even think about detoxing? Obviously, the main reason is to pass a drug test. There are plenty of employers who, from time to time, may drug test you. For many of them, a positive drug test is a reason to fire you. If you want to stay with that company and keep your job, you have to detox as fast as possible! For most people, that might be the only reason though there are other reasons such as official police investigations and so on.

Ways to Detox with Bentonite Clay

You can find many ways online that won’t work for sure. Drinks like vinegar, water, cranberry juice, or taking niacin (vitamin B3) will not safely clean your body from THC. I really recommend that you don’t rely on those methods. All these ways help remove THC and especially the metabolites. While you do any of these treatments, you have to abstain from THC; otherwise, your efforts will be for nothing.

Bentonite clay has many great properties and is good in various life situations or even in long-term therapy. The bentonite clay has a high absorbing potential because of its negative charge. It will absorb all positive elements like metals and toxins. THC is one of the substances bentonite clay will transport out of your body. There are multiple ways you can achieve your goal:

Internal Treatment

You can drink bentonite clay or take capsules. This will clean your body from the inside out. You have to mix the clay with water until it gets a good consistency. The problem is that clay is dirt and tastes like dirt. There are some people who don’t like the taste and texture; but, I would highly recommend to ingest it this way. My experience with swallowing capsules is that they don’t work as good as the pure clay. It’s even more important if you have a high consumption of THC. While passing through your insides, especially your intestines, the clay is absorbing and removing toxins from your body; which is what we want to achieve.

External Treatment

You can use bentonite clay as a spot treatment; for example, as a face mask. If you want to use the external treatment as a THC detox you have to apply the clay to your whole body. The easiest way of doing this is by taking a bentonite clay bath. Just fill up your bathtub with water and scoop a few cups of bentonite clay inside. The amount of clay you should take is dependent on the grade of your THC intoxication. If you are an occasional smoker, you can start with 1-2 cups. If you want that heavy detox, go for 4 cups. The external treatment is not as effective as an internal treatment. I would suggest that you do a clay bath as an additional treatment at least if you want to be sure that you are clean.

The other external way is doing a body wrap. A body wrap has many great benefits; for example, losing weight and getting soft skin. We use the body wrap for detoxing THC and that works well. You can make a do-it-yourself detox wrap with bentonite clay, Epsom salt, olive oil, lemon oil, cotton cloths, wool blanket, and cling wrap. There are obviously many different recipes all around the internet. Just do some research and choose the one which suits you best. The main goal of doing a body wrap is that you sweat a lot. You have to literally sweat out all the toxins including the THC.

Other Ways to Detox and Pass a Drug Test

There are other ways to detox successfully. One option is to do some exercises like cardio or weight training because it attacks the fat cells. And as you know by now the fat cells are the main storage for the THC metabolisms. Furthermore, practice a healthy lifestyle, go into the sauna, or drink some detox tea. There are a few more products like “detox-kits” which all work in a similar way to bentonite clay. Check this graphic for more detailed information:

Ways to Detox THC

Before going to the official test, purchase yourself a THC testing kit online to check if your efforts show some success. Though bentonite clay is reliable you can never be sure if you are really clean, so be careful and take some extra precations!

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