How to Actually get Rid of Acne Scars Using Aztec Healing Clay

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Acne is the most common skin condition worldwide and most especially young adolescent suffers from this annoying illness during theier puberty. As if that isn’t enough, the acne often leaves disturbing scars. With that being said, acne can also cause an aesthetic restriction for affected people.

The (Aztec) healing clay offers a great opportunity to improve various situations including the acute care of acne, the prevention and the treatment of acne scars. The healing clay removes old skin cells and allows your skin to regenerate completely. Scars often visually fade out, and the appearance will become much better.

Shortly after reading, you will be an expert about all methods and recipes. To understand how to get rid of acne scars you have to know what acne is.

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What is Acne?

Acne is a disease of the oil glands (also called sebaceous glands) next to your hair follicle, located in your skin. There are areas with more oil glands like the face, the neck, and the back. Acne is mostly spread around these areas. The produced sebum normally drains off on the surface but sometimes the pores are getting clogged. That causes a blackhead or a whitehead and eventually an inflammation leading to a red pimple. The inflammation is triggered by bacteria and can lead to massive swellings. Acne is not a dangerous illness in terms of overall health, but it can lead to acne scars. Dependent of the manifestation, the degree of suffering is may be high, so you want to find ways to overcome the deficiency.

It’s important to know that people with oily skin tend to suffer more from acne then people with dry skin. Hormonal factors like the rise of androgen (e.g., during the puberty) is a huge catalyst for pimples. Other factors that triggers acne are different medicines, greasy cosmetics, menstruation, and of course psychological factors like stress.

Acne has many subtypes. There are noninflammatory types like blackheads and whiteheads in contrary to the inflammatory types. Papules and pustules are the more harmless ones followed by nodules. Nodules are deep underneath your skin and can’t be treated at home. Nodules are likely to cause scar at some point. There are even worse forms of acne like cystic acne. Don’t try to beat the cystic acne all alone at home. You can’t handle this situation without a physician. But in additional to your clinical treatment, you can use the aztec healing clay.  However, to be absolutely sure, discuss it with your dermatologist.

Why Does Acne Leave Behind Scars?

Scars are the end state of a healing process. After an injury on the skin (e.g., a pimple), the body works to repair the wound and get back to the initial situation. At first, the body produces collagen which is like a bandage to cover the lesion. The collagen fibers are ordered parallel in this new tissue as opposed to the “old skin” where they are normally unordered. Often, the body produces too much collagen leading to bulging. This new tissue is rather poor compared to the original surface. In many cases, pimples leave deepening that we know as acne scars. To make this clear check the image with the different types of scars:

type of acne scars

Where is the Difference Between the Types of Acne?

A pimple usually originates from a comedo which is the little spot with a black point in the middle. This point consists of dermal dye (melanin), which turns black in combination with oxygen. These comedos are called open blackheads. They tend to be harmless because normally the pores are “open” and the sebum can pour on the surface.

Whiteheads, however, are called “closed comedos” because the pores are clogged. This often leads to an infection of the situation, and that’s why pimples become red. The other typical inflammations signs are dolor, calor, and tumor, and they all hit the bull’s eye when it comes to pimples and acne. Further, the forms of white spots are pustules and papules, followed by nodules and the worst type is the cystic acne as mentioned before. So keep in mind that the white spots are the rather “dangerous” types leading to scars. You can actually see the difference with your own very eyes.

The last and really critical thing is: Do not ever try to squeeze the pimples by yourself. Doing this, you will only push the infection deeper into your subcutis. That will lead to even bigger, long terms scars.

How Can Aztec Healing Clay Help?

Now that you know all the basics about acne and acne scars, it’s time to figure out what you can do against it. It all comes down to Aztec healing clay. This bentonite clay has gone viral all around the internet since 2015. And actually, it has helped me and my girlfriend fight acne scars. We both are not heavy victims of acne, but from time to time, mostly during summer, I personally get my forehead full of pimples. My girlfriend instead got problems on her jawlines, but that tends to be different from person to person. While recognizing that my skin is getting worse, I grab a box of Aztec healing clay, and it helps me out every time. It was really an accidental discovery but the scars I had faded away nearly entirely. To make things clear was not an overnight incidence, it took me several weeks of constant use of this bentonite clay. All these “overnight” promises seem a little scammy to me.

Indeed, Aztec healing clay stimulates the skin to produce elastin, hyaluronic acid, and collagen. This innervates blood flow and cell regeneration. The skin builds these substances to fill up the scars with a new layer. After removing the clay mask, your skin may be a little red, at least that was my impression. For better results, you can mix the clay with apple cider vinegar; this is a well-known recipe all over the internet. Just take apple cider vinegar instead of water and mix it until the consistency is creamy.

Apple cider vinegar is frequently presented by the health industries to cure a handful of diseases like diabetes. In fact, people use this without the clay part to cure acne. I tried this once, and it burned like hell. The fluid is acidic, and that normally bites in fresh and open wounds. So to exploit the full potential just combine the two and you don’t have to worry about getting hurt. The ingredients of apple cider vinegar are proven to kill bacteria, e. g., the Propionibacterium Acnes which is partly responsible for acne. Furthermore, the organic acids found in the vinegar can support to cure scars. The process is similar to the above-mentioned healing clay process. The acids help to remove the old body cells by “peeling” and make way for new fresh skin cells. The result is shown is this image for the Collagen Induction Therapy but it’s the same to bentonite clay mask:

result acne scars improvement

Is There Anything Else I Can do?

If you do the research, you will find plenty of recipe ideas you can use with Aztec clay, all promising to help against acne scars. To assist you, I present them here for you:

  • “Green Tea Mask” – Brew up a green tea and wait until its cold. Then mix this with clay and Vitamin C granule.
  • “Tea Tree Oil Mask” – Mix 4-8 drops of tea tree oil with healing clay.
  • “Cleopatra Mask” – Mix a tablespoon warm honey into the healing clay and use it as a face mask.
  • ” Charcoal Mask” – Mix bentonite clay with charcoal, rose water and a few drops of essential oil for this one.
  • “Lavendel Mask” – Pretty similar to the “Charcoal Mask”, instead of essential oil add some lavender oil to the mixture.
  • “Turmeric Power Mask” – Use some Ben
  • tonite Clay and add Turmeric Powder , rose water and 3-6 drops of geranium.

The last one is my absolute favorite, and from time to time I do it myself even if I don’t have acne at that very moment:

  • Take one tablespoon clay and mix it with one tablespoon charcoal. Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, one drop essential oil and one probiotic capsule.

You have to destroy the capsule and mix the powder inside in your bulk. I am a huge fan of probiotics in general because it keeps my intestinal health at the absolute best by taking one pill per day.

A well-meant tip is: Don’t get impatient, you will need great endurance to win this one. Acne scars, depending on the manifestation can be a pretty hard opponent, way harder than clearing the acute acne. I want to encourage you to keep going!

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