Everything You Need to Know About Body Wraps With Bentonite Clay

Everything You Need to Know about Body Wraps with Betonite Clay-large

In this article, the bentonite clay body wrap often called “the mud type”, will be discussed. It is known as the detoxing version of body wraps but it also offers plenty of other benefits that you will hear in the following post.

What is a Body Wrap?

A body wrap is a wellness treatment that can be done in-home or at a spa. It’s a great way to condition and nourish your skin while relaxing. The procedure is often split into three different phases. In the first phase, the skin is the exfoliated to prepare it for receiving the nourishing benefits of the body wrap. During the second phase, the body wrap is applied. The third and final phase is when the wrap is removed, the skin is cleaned and a moisturizer is applied.

The exfoliation phase is extremely important because you want to be sure there are no interfering blockades on your skin. To get the best benefits out of your body wrap, an exfoliant or body scrub should be used. A salt peeling would be a great start for your session. It removes old and dead skin cells to allow new and healthy cells to grow.

The next step is the actual body wrap. You will be completely wrapped in plastic (note: the face and the genitals are not covered). Before getting wrapped, you have to apply a mixture with various ingredients (e.g. bentonite clay, essential oils) on your skin. The ingredients used are determined by the purpose of the wrap. Remember to not wrap the body wrap too tight around. It should be snug but not tight enough to restrict normal breathing abilities. While you are wearing the wrap, lay back and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the environment around you. While you may notice some sweating, this is part of the detoxification process. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you start with a spot treatment (like the belly wrap) because this is easy to apply by yourself. If you’re feeling adventurous and would like a full body wrap, assistance may be needed for in-home applications.

Each wrap will come with a set time amount of time for the wrap to be worn. If done properly, this treatment will heavily stress your body. Take your time to relax and calmly breathe for a few minutes. Once the wrap is removed, shower with lukewarm water to remove the clay, sweat, and any impurities that were released. After that, dry your skin, and apply a moisturizing lotion. This treatment can take up to 90 minutes of your time, but your patience will be rewarded with radiant and glowing skin!

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What are the Benefits of Bentonite Clay Body Wraps?

There are countless body wrap treatments but in this article, we want to concentrate on the “clay body wrap” which is often called the “mud body wrap”.

Improve Your Skin

Bentonite clay has the property to improve the appearance and quality of your skin. It can eliminate age marks and helps to improve the rejuvenation process. Furthermore, it will cure inflammation; even insect bites tend to heal faster with bentonite clay! You can apply the paste on a sunburn and it will calm the affected areas. Clay aids in the removal of impurities and dead cells from your body. It‘s a perfect treatment for acne because of its ability to unclog pores by drawing out the excessive sebum. Additionally, it will even help against acne scars as you can see here.

Detoxification of Your Skin and Your Body

Bentonite clay has the potential to remove toxins and metals from your skin and even your body. The negative charge of the clay helps to absorb all positively charged elements out of your skin. Even free radicals, often responsible for cell damage and cancer, can be absorbed by the healing clay. Through a soaking and pulsing action, the clay draws all these redundant substances out of you, this process is called detoxification.

Anti-Stress Therapy

While doing your body wrap, you can use the time for meditation, hearing your favorite music, or practicing breathing techniques. During the treatment, you aren’t able to check Facebook, write WhatsApp messages or consume all that poisonous social media stuff. I love to simply relax and meditate while lying and sweating in my body wrap. After the session, I can feel that my mind is calmer.

Increasing your Blood Circulation and Improving Arthritis

Have you ever noticed that after your clay treatment your skin is pink or slightly red? That is because the blood vessels have widened to allow for more blood circulation. Better blood circulation has many benefits with the best being that it improves arthritis. Arthritis is an autoimmune disease which leads to pain and immobility in your joints. The healing clay helps aid in the fight against inflammation and through the improvement of the blood circulation, this effect is even stronger! 

Weight Loss

Yup, this one seems too good to be true. Actually, it’s correct that you will lose one or two inches; but that’s only water weight that’s being lost. The body wrap contains two parts that encourage your body to sweat. The first is the layer of bentonite clay that helps to draw out the water containing impurities. The second part is the multiple layers of plastic that are wrapped around the area to trap the body‘s heat which warms the clay so it can work properly. That’s similar to the effect you have after a handful of sauna sessions. After your session, rehydrate with clean water and consume healthy food so the body replaces and restore the cellular water levels correctly without free radicals.

Helps Against Cellulite

The last thing worth mentioning is that the clay body wrap actually helps against cellulite. The reason is that bentonite clay strengthens the collagen fibers of your skin to allow the tissue to become more stable. Additionally, the plastic wrap compresses the skin and the tissues below.

Now that you have more than enough reasons to get started with your body wrap, let’s dive into the details!

How to do a Body Wrap?

Obviously, there are thousands of mixtures for a body wrap but I want to keep things as simple as possible, so you can do it yourself at home. For the first time take this very easy basic detox recipe:

  • 1 cup of bentonite clay
  • 1 cup of apple cider vinegar
  • 1 cup of water (more can be added until you find the consitency right for you)

If you need a bigger amount, just raise the ingredients in the same ratio. Before you start, make sure to do the exfoliating phase. You can use a salt peel or scrub to remove all the dead skin cells. Now apply the mixture everywhere you want. You can use it as a spot treatment on selected locations or you can go with the full body application. The next step is to finally wrap it up! Choose a part of your body, for example, the right arm, and apply the clay paste. Do a thin layer and then wrap your arm in plastic. This will take some practice; if it’s your first time, don’t get upset and take your time. Then go to the next body part and so on. If you want to learn how to do this you can go to a spa center and ask a professional to show you the steps you need to take to be successful.

wrap it up

When wrapped up you can relax and do whatever you like. I would recommend (as already mentioned) that you do some meditation or breathing techniques. For me, this is like a wellness session. I completely turn off all the external influences and media. I am proud that there is a time of the day for self-care which is a luxury these days. After 30-60 minutes I remove the plastic and shower. I always do a cold-shower because I highly believe in it. My feeling is, that a cold shower resets my nerve system.

remove the body wrap

Two Simple Body Wrap Recipes with Bentonite Clay

In the last section, you get this basic recipe to give you a starting point. Now it’s time to learn new recipes to get some change in your routine!

Take a metal-free (stainless) pot and add the following ingredients for a “slimming body wrap:”

  • 2 cups of bentonite clay
  • 2 cup sea salt or epson salt
  • 1 cup dried lavendel
  • 1 cup kelp powder
  • if you tend to dry skin: add 1 cup of coconut oil

Fill the pot with distilled water. Then mix everything together and wait for 10 minutes. This will absorb massive amounts of water out of your body and you will lose weight for the moment. This is useful if you want to impress others at the beach. But it will not last for long because your body will refill.

“Energizing Body wrap:”

  • 1 cup bentonite clay
  • 1cup green tea (or coffee grounds)
  • 1 cup acid cider vinegar
  • 1/2 cup of rose water

This one will give you an extra energy boost when used.


The takeaway message of this article is: You will not lose massive amounts of weight by doing clay body wraps. Most of the weight you lose is due to water loss and you will gain the weight back in a few days. There is a huge advertising industry that will promise you massive weight loss when using their spa products. Try not to run into this trap.

Body Wrap Reviews /Body Wrap Before After

Just to prove that everything you read above is true, we show you some images with impressive changes.

cellulite before after

In the picture above you see cellulite getting better while using the body wrap for a few months. This result is actually astounding but it will take time so don’t be too impatient.

improve impurities before after

In this before-after image you clearly see that impurities are gone. Getting rid of impurities is way easier than improving cellulite. You can achieve this result as well so take action now! But don’t rely too much on the body wrap and do your additional routines as well.

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