Bentonite Clay Hair Mask – The Ultimate Guide

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Nowadays, a conditioner or shampoo is sometimes not enough to heal your hair from the damage it may have gone through. Excessive styling, curling, hair straightening, and exposure to chemical products can cause a lot of damage to your hair. When this happens, you can always look up to a hair mask as your ultimate solution. A hair mask is simply a conditioning treatment for your hair that repairs all the damages effectively.

The bentonite clay is a natural product that has many great benefits for all areas of your body. In this guide you will learn everything about using bentonite clay as a hair mask.

Actually I really enjoy writing about these subjects. I do all these treatments regular but writing and article and doing some researches lead to much higher knowledge. This guide is pretty long so be sure to bookmark it that you can comeback later.

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What is a Hair Mask?

As the effects of a hair mask are similar to a conditioner, it is often deemed as a highly powerful hair conditioner. The mask has nourishing and deep conditioning effects on your hair. It enriches the texture of your hair whilst strengthening and reconstructing them. You will be able to see dramatic results on your hair after using a hair mask for just a single time. Obviously the results get even better if you do this more frequent.

Applied Hair Mask

There is a hair masks available for every type of hair. These masks are rich in ingredients and are curated according to several hair types and hair problems. For example, the bentonite clay hair-mask works wonders
on dry and immensely damaged hair. It has various healing properties and can eradicate toxins from your hair.

In the image you can see how your hair should look like after applying your hair mask. You simple conver everything with your bentonite clay paste. It’s important that you take your time to apply that hair mask to get the most out of it. Normally this procedure takes up to 15 minutes but you will now read the excact steps to follow:

Applying Hair Mask At Home

After choosing the right type of hair mask for you, you need to know the right steps to apply a hair mask at home. Generally, you will need to follow these steps;

  • Wash your hair: It is often considered unnecessary to have clean hair before applying a hair mask. The dirt particles and pollutants accumulated in your hair can create a barrier for the healing ingredients in your hair mask. To prevent this from happening, you should shampoo your hair before applying a hair mask. Do not condition them before doing so.
Applying Hair Mask
  • Apply the hair mask: After your hair is completely dry, comb them slowly and get rid of all the tangles. Make sure that they are perfectly untangled. Prepare the hair mask and apply it from the roots of your hair. The tips of your hair are usually the most damaged parts. So, focus on them while applying the mask. Comb your hair after applying the mask as it will ensure even application.
Comb The Hair
  • Leave the mask on for sometime: Wrap your hair in a hot towel and let the mask on. The time needed for a mask to make the necessary effects depends on the mask. Some masks can be washed off in 10 minutes, while some have to be kept on overnight. Later in this article we discuss the overnight-version.
  • Rinse your hair: Wash the mask off with cool water. Apply shampoo and conditioner afterwards. Do not use warm water to wash your hair, as cool water seals the cuticles and keeps the hair nourished for a long time. Don’t be scared about the drains, bentonite clay is mud and won’t clog them.

What Are The Benefits Of A Hair Mask?

In this section we want to give you enough reasons to try a bentonite hair mask for yourself. I know that it’s a bit of a effort doing it but the benefits are actually worth it:

Hair Detox

Hair masks like the bentonite clay hair mask eradicate toxins from your hair and give a complete detox treatment to your hair. Bentonite clay when mixed with water or any other fluid will get a negativ charge which draws out all the toxins out of your hair. If you use a hair mask once a week regularly, the results are strikingly evident. The mask makes your hair smooth and shiny. Apart from detoxicating your hair, it also strengthens it. There are really no side effects of applying a hair mask.

Hair Damage Reversal

Due to excessive exposure to chemical products and hair styling, your hair can be damaged severely. A hair mask reverses the damage. Damage due to straightening and curling can make your hair frizzy. Fortunately, a hair mask can make you get rid of the frizziness. After the clay mask you will have soft, shiny tresses. It will also reduce the occurence of dandruffs by soaking the extra sebum from your scalp.

It Nourishes Dry and Oily Hair

A mask made from bentonite clay for hair is perfect for dry hair problems. It helps restore the moisture in your hair and makes it look lively and healthy. Hair masks also work to remove the excess oil in your hair and make the texture smooth. Apart from this, there are many other bentonite clay benefits for hair. The minerals inside of the clay nourish your haar and it will get way stronger and more resilient to outer influences.

It Promotes Hair Growth and Removes Dead Cells

Hair masks that contain bentonite clay as one of the ingredients increase the growth of your hair exponentially and makes it thicker. Try a clay mask when you suffer from hair loss. You won’t stop the hair loss but you can slow it significantly. Furthermore, the clay removes old hair and skin cells and makes room for new healthy cells.

Reducing Dandruffs

Actually, there are two types of dandruffs. One triggered by an oily scalp and the other triggered by a dry scalp. If you suffer of the first type the hair mask will help you. The bentonite clay soaks out the sebum of the scalp and that will lead to reduced dandruffs. Furthermore, the clay fights against fungals like the Pityrosporum ovale which is often associated with dandruffs.

How Often Can You Use A Hair Mask?

The type of hair mask to use as well as frequency of usage are determined mainly by your hair texture and the extent of hair damage. When buying a hair mask, you have to ask a few questions to yourself before doing so. What do I want for my hair? Is it damage repair, shine, nourishment, or hydration? It is only when you know the answer to these questions, that you can find the perfect hair mask for yourself.

beautiful woman with hair mask

If your hair is suffering from a moderate amount of damage, you can use a hair mask regularly at certain intervals, for example every week. And if this does not show the desired results, you can change your routine and increase the frequency. If your hair is suffering from extreme damage and you wish to have your luscious locks back, it is actually okay to use a hair mask daily. You just have to make sure that it is composed more of natural ingredients than chemical products. If you notice that you do more harm then good, recude the frequency. It is a try and error process and you will learn how to use your hair mask after a few months. Actually I am doing a hair mask only one time per three months or so. That’s enough for me.

Do-It-Yourself Hair Masks

If you too are a DIY buff and trust homemade products more, you can try these Do-it-yourself hair masks for your locks. At the end of the article I hae a few recommendations if you want to buy one.

Bentonite clay hair-mask:

Again Bentonite clay hair-mask is a great mask for hair detox. Bentonite clay protects your hair from infections whilst also detoxifying them. Some other benefits of bentonite are that it prevents dandruff and helps in hair
growth as mentioned above. To prepare the mask, add 3/4 of cup sodium bentonite clay, 1 cup of apple cider vinegar, 1 cup of brewed herbal-tea, and 10 drops of rosemary oil together. Wet your hair with warm water and apply the whisked mixture. Wash your hair after 15 minutes.

Yogurt mixed with honey and olive oil:

No bentonite clay here? Ups….! This mask is a little bonus for you if you want to try another hair mask besides from bentonite clay. I actually do this beacuse my scalp is rather dry. Olive oil is a proven moisturizer and is abundant with antioxidants. It helps to retain the keratin in your hair. Olive oil makes your hair shiny, strong, and also helps you get rid of excess dryness. Yogurt is a good source of protein and makes a good base for your hair mask. Honey helps you seal the moisture in your hair. You can prepare this hair mask by mixing one tablespoon of olive oil and honey each with ¼ of a yogurt cup. Apply the mixture on wet hair and rinse your hair after 20 minutes.

How To Wash Your Hair With Clay?

Before planning to get rid of shampoos and using all natural products on your hair. You need to know the following things:

A normal shampoo has a pH level of the range of 5-6. This matches the natural pH of your hair. Hence, using shampoo to wash your hair does not result in dryness. On the other hand, the pH level of clay is of a slightly higher range. Using it directly on your hair can cause extreme loss of moisture. To retain the moisture, you only need to follow a proper shine routine. You can mix the clay in either water or apple cider vinegar. The amount of clay depends on the length and thickness of your hair. The mixture consistency should be like an egg yolk. Wet your hair and then dip the tips of your hair in the mixture. Pour the rest of the mixture over your head. Rinse your hair thoroughly after 2 minutes.

Hair Mask Overnight?

Treatment time for hair masks varies according to the type of hair mask and its purpose. There are noinstances of damage in an overnight application of a hair mask. Sometimes, leaving the hair mask overnight
does not cause any damage, but is also not of any benefit to you. However, contrary to popular beliefs, some hair masks are actually a lot more effective if left on overnight. It is said that the goodness of a hair mask is
soaked by the hair even better when the mask is dry.

Leaving a hair mask overnight is suitable for those with a busy lifestyle. You just have to apply the mask and wash your hair the next morning. This fits in your busy schedule and you don’t have to give extra time to your hair mask routine.

In some cases, the person may also feel the hair mask to be too heavy. This can cause headache and discomfort. If applying a hair mask overnight is obstructing your sleep, you should not go with the overnight masks and instead opt for instant masks.

Is Bentonite Clay Hair Mask Useful For Passing Drug Tests?

One way to drug test is a hair test: This test is not very common but if you get tested this way, be careful. Let’s assume you smoked some weed a few days ago. The metabolism THC-Carboxylic-acid stays in your hair follicle for several weeks and will lead to a positive drug test.

Bentonite clay possesses an exceptional capacity for absorbing contaminants and toxins. The clay constitutes numerous platelets which are made of flat surfaces and edges. The flat surfaces have negative electrical charges and edges have positive electrical charges. After absorbing water, bentonite clay turns into a porous sponge. This sponge is responsible for attracting toxins. The toxins that get attracted to bentonite clay also include THC-COOH. When you do your bentonite clay hair mask, the toxins might get absorbed by it. The clay is then excreted from the body through feces.
If done for five weeks regularly before the test, bentonite clay can be useful for passing the drug test. But this is absolutely not guaranteed.

Your Hair Before And After A Hair Mask

Before and After Hair Mask

As discussed earlier, hair masks can have a visually evident effect on your hair. Firstly, the masks leave your hair with a beautiful shine and natural radiance. This is even more evident when your hair gets dry after washing. The frizz is gone too. You get smooth and shiny hair after applying a hair mask.

Masks like bentonite clay hair mask bring back the lost moisture in your hair. You can feel the softness of your hair even while washing off the hair mask. As the moisture in your hair is retained, you can also see the difference in the texture of your hair.

After applying hair masks, you can experience a significant change in the quality of your hair. The damage is all repaired and the original quality of your hair is restored. Your hair is nourished like never before and start looking healthy again. If you use a hair mask regularly, you will have some striking before and after results.

How Do BC Hair Masks Work On Curly Hair?

Hair masks play a vital role in maintaining the health and texture of curly hair. Curly hair, in general, needs extra care and nourishment than silky and straight hair. Here are some things you need to know to understand the effect of hair masks on curly hair: Two types of hair masks are perfect for curly hair: protein-rich hair masks and moisture-rich hair masks. You need to choose a hair mask according to your needs and hair texture. Protein-rich hair masks are useful for damaged hair and moisture-rich hair masks are useful for dry hair. Curly hair tends to be dry and frizzy. A hair mask moisturizes your curls till they look shiny and healthy. The mask also helps in detangling your curls.

As curly hair is more dry and frizzy than smooth hair, it needs hair masks like the bentonite clay for hair. Dryness can easily lead to dryness. Bentonite clay has properties that prevent and also eradicate dandruff
from your hair. If your curls are dull and have lost their shine, hair masks can be of great help. They restore the moisture and nutrients in your hair to make them look shiny and nourished.

What Is The Effect Of A Hair Mask On Colored Or Bleached Hair?

There are many masks that are made to suit colored or bleached hair. While choosing a hair mask, you can specifically look for a mask which does not affect the color of your hair. Ironically, colored or bleached hair need the goodness of a hair mask more than normal hair. Hair color and bleaching can change the texture of your hair into crunchy. Hair color also tends to make your hair frizzy and the ends dry. In these cases, simply using a conditioner is not enough. Hair masks can really help you in reviving the health of your hair. The mask can retain the nourishment and moisture in your hair which is usually lost due to hair color. Bentonite clay will not take effect on the color of your hair. You can’t clear your hair with that kind of clay mask! You don’t have to worry about that. They make the color look even more shiny and attractive.

Recommended Products

I really don’t do hair masks that often but if I do I take the Molivera Organics Clay(Amazon Link). This is besides from the Aztec healing clay my absolute favorite. Check out our product recommendations for the different bentonite clays!

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