Bentonite Clay Bath – A Complete Guide

Bentonite Clay Bath- Complete Guide large

In the modern era, we have forgotten the value of our traditions and culture. The traditional methods and materials that were used for over 1000 years for health care, body and skin care are one of the best ways to beautify you and stay healthy. As most herbs and materials used were natural and chemical free, they provide a lot of health benefits. Many people are unknown to various natural products, which have actually proved to do wonders on skin and health. One such ancient natural product that can do wonders is Bentonite clay.

Is this the first time you heard about this clay? No problem! In the first section of this article we wrote a fundamental guide to help you know several facts about the famous bentonite clay.

Throughout the ages, various kinds of clays have been used by our ancestors as a beauty ingredient. For example, the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra used to apply ultani Mitti’ to have that extravagant glow on her skin. Similarly, one such clay with a high amount of nutrients is bentonite Clay. Recently researches have reinvented the benefits of this clay and it has gained a lot of popularity for detoxification of the body both internally and externally. In this article we give you all information needed to do a clay bath and how to benefit most.

What Is Bentonite Clay?

What is bentonite clay

Bentonite clay is the kind of clay that consists aged volcanic ashes which are known as “Montmorillonite”. This name is derived from the largest deposit of bentonite clay which is located in Fort Benton in Montana. The colour of the clay is slightly grey and creamy with a soft subtle and smooth consistency. This particular clay is absolutely smooth on the skin and unlike other clay forms, it does not stain on the skin.

Similar to other healing clays, bentonite clay has a higher concentration of minerals in it which includes calcium, silica, magnesium, potassium, sodium and iron. All these minerals are highly beneficial for human beings. As the clay is rich in minerals, it helps to absorb and remove harmful toxins, impurities, unwanted chemicals and heavy metals from the body.

Mostly Bentonite Clay is used for detoxification and cleansing from both internally and externally. There are several natural remedy recipes available related to this particular clay. Some of the common recipes include poultices, detox bath, mud face and body pack and other skin care recipes.

The speciality of this clay is, many people even take it internally as it helps to remove unwanted bacteria from the body.

There are also different divisions of bentonite clay depending on the mineral contains the clay.

Extra Fact: This Clay can swell up to a much larger size than the original size by absorbing huge amounts of water. This is important if you want to drink bentonite clay.

What Are the Benefits of a Bentonite Clay Bath?

Benefits of a Bentonite Clay Bath

The reason why bentonite clay is unique is because of its ability to produce electrical charge in the body when hydrated. When it gets in contact to fluids the electrical components begin to change, thereby carrying a strong negative charge which bonds with the positive charge in different toxins

How Bentonite Clay Works

You might be wondering how it works in the body or on the skin? Well, when the clay comes in contact to toxins, any heavy metals or other harmful chemicals, the clay starts absorbing the toxins & releases the minerals in it. These minerals and nutrients released by the clay are highly essential for the body/skin. The clay further helps the oxygen to get into the cells and next pulls the excess hydrogen from the cells. So the hydrogen in the cells gets replaced by the oxygen.

Here is a list of several benefits that you can achieve through a bentonite clay bath:

Detox Your Skin

Bentonite Clay is popular worldwide because it has the power to pull toxins and harmful chemical from the body. When it pulls the heavy metals from the body, at the same time it releases the good minerals back into the body. This is how it clarifies the skin. On top of that, there is nearly no chance of any kind of side effect as it is completely natural.

Helps Against Acne

This particular clay is highly beneficial to treat acne. Its pulling power helps to clean the dirt from the skin. The oil build ups that are formed in the skin resulting into acne are pulled away by the clay and it refills the skin with essential minerals thereby helping the areas to heal fast. Also, the clay can treat allergy problem. People, who have sensitive skin and often go through allergy issues, should take a bentonite clay bath.

Full of Natural Minerals and Nutrients

Helps to provides essential mineral to the body. Note that bentonite clay is free from chemicals or additives. It only contains natural essential minerals and your skin will absorb those nutrients.

Bentonite Clay Can Be Used for Every Skin Type

Therefore it is applicable for every skin type. No matter which type of skin you have you can certainly take the advantage of the magical effects of bentonite clay. Though you should be careful if you have dry skin. Bentonite clay will absorb the oil on your skin and might cause dryness. You will notice a flaky irritated skin. If this happens apply a moisturizer after your clay bath.

Helps to Treat Skin Disorders

Bentonite Clay can speed up the healing process of any kind of skin related disease. You can take a clay bath when you suffer from bites or stings and you will notice an improvement of the wound.

Reduce Stress

I take a bath once a weak and the main reason is that it helps me to calm down and clear my brain fog. I usually userather hot water and stay inside the bath for 15-20 minutes. When I am in the mood I take a book with me.

Additional Features

Some people even apply it on the scalp to get it dandruff free.Bentonite clay bath gives you a cool feeling, therefore, it’s a very good natural cooling agent.

How to Take a Bentonite Clay Bath?

How to take a bentonite clay bath

There are few methods to take a bentonite clay bath. Just dumping the clay into a tub of water will end up forming clay clumps. You need to mix the clay thoroughly with water to prevent clay clumps. Here’s a perfect recipe that will help you to get the most of it through a Bentonite Clay bath!

First, fill up a tub with a good amount of luke warm water. Make sure you check the temperature of the water before jumping into it. Next, you can mix the Bentonite clay with the water in two different ways. Putting it directly into the tub of water will result in clumps. So mix the clay and some water in a small bowl and whisk the mixture well to make it lump free. Now you can pour the mixture into the tub and swirl it well. Or you can simply apply the clay water solution on your whole body and then get into the water tub.

Either way will be equally effective! But the second option is messier since you might drop droplets of the clay solution on the floor while getting into the tub.

Here’ an additional tip! Try dry brushing your skin before going for the clay bath. This helps better detoxification because you already removed the “dirt barrier”.

How Much Clay to Use Per Bath?

As Bentonite clay is not that expensive, you can not make huge mistakes. But once you mix the clay with water, you need to use it immediately. If you think you will have it for later use, it’s not going to work as the clay mixture will stiffen up. So follow this carefully:

Use at least 1 to 2 cup of powered Bentonite Clay for a decent detoxifying bentonite clay bath. Make sure you do not waste too much time. The clay and water ratio should at least be 1:4. If you are going through any kind of skin issues and you need a deep detox, you can use up to 4 cups of clay. In that case, while mixing the water and the clay in a bowl, make sure that the water amount is decent enough to the let mixture get into a thin consistency.

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How Often Should You Take a Clay Bath?

This matters from person to person. There are no limitations to have a clay bath. Once a month is a good starting point and might be enough for detoxification of the body. If you suffer from skin disorders like acne you might want to increase the frequency of the treatments. If you are uncertain contact a physican to avoid possible mistakes.

You will notice that you use a clay bath too often if your skin gets dry. Are you still wondering which clay to buy for your bath? Then go to this section for all our product recommendations.

How Do I Notice That I Need a Clay Bath?

when to take a clay bath

The need of having a clay bath differs from person to person. First, you must understand the purpose of your clay bath. A bentonite clay bath is meant to be taken for detoxification of the body. But our body is designed in such a way that it can detox by its own, atleast to a certain amount. But the environment around is is changing. The food that we eat, the air that we breathe, and the atmosphere around us is not that healthy any more. We do not intake enough nutrients that the body needs for detoxification. Check this article to get information about natural detox in multiple other ways.

There are several organs in the body like the liver, the kidney, the spleen, the skin and the gallbladder that are meant to deal with several toxins. The toxins can come from the food we eat, the chemicals we are exposed to from clothes and makeup or from the smog in the air that we breathe. The exposure to the toxin is increasing every day. Therefore the organs automatically get stuffed up with these excessive wastes. So the need for some detoxification is always very high. Bentonite Clay bath, on the other hand, is quite a convenient and smooth detoxification agent. So having them once a month does a lot of good to your over health.

Situations That Show That You Need a Clay Bath NOW

The body needs detoxification the most when the level of toxins in the body increases and might lead to several diseases. The following situations show you that you should consider taking a bath now:

The Skin Reacts: Acne Breaktouts

When your skin gets too much acne and pimple prone, having a detox bath reduces the sensitivity on the skin to a great extent. During body pains and aches- bentonite clay has a handful of minerals in it which helps reducing pain and aches in the body.

Digestive Problems

helps gut and enteric nervous system

Bentonite Clay does not only work from outside but also internally. Years ago our ancestors used to have bentonite clay to treat digestive problems. So it helps detoxify internally also. If you take a bentonite clay bath you can combine it with your favourite smoothie and mix some drinkable clay into it. We wrote a full guide about how to drink bentonite clay and the ways you can benefit from it.

Digestive problems are often connected to stress so the next point could be the solution.

Brain Fog, Mental Stress and Headache

If you have stress or brain fog, a clay bath can bring a lot of relaxation. As mentioned above I read a book or listen to some music while taking the bath. You can also meditate or do some muscle relaxation. With this action (clay bath) your brain will come to rest and you will gain new energy for the upcoming tasks.

Eczema or other Skin Disorders

Eczema can tend to get better with a Bentonite Clay bath. (It is a condition that makes your skin dark or red and makes it itchy and painful). If you suffer from eczema oder psoriasis you can check this article for more information.

Sinus Problems

Any sort of sinus problem leading to allergy or congestion is caused due to harmful toxins present in the body. And as you know, the best way to detoxify yourself is through a deep Bentonite Clay Bath.

During these days the organs and the body needs some external detoxification. If you notice one of the above-mentioned conditions it might be a sign for detoxification. Even feeling tired or stressed is a result of toxin formation.

So if you are feeling stressed or tired after a long tiresome day, just mix some clay and water in a cup, Pour the mixture into the water and jump into the tub and let your worries and tiredness go away.

What To Do After a Clay Bath?

Clay baths should be a break from your daily routine. So while you are going for a clay bath make sure you are in an all relaxed mood. Before putting yourself inside the tub, put on soft relaxing music, light a candle and be gentle to yourself.

meditation to detox

Once you are done deep cleansing your body, come out of the tub and wash thoroughly. Bentonite clay does not create any stain, so you don’t need to worry about that. Make sure you rinse all the clay off from your body holes. Next, pat dries yourself and drink an adequate amount of water. Drinking water after a bath balances the body temperature and reduces the risk of stroke or heart attack. An hour after the bath, you need to have some healthy juice.

Generally, after any clay bath, the skin might become a little dry as the clay draws oil out of the skin. So moisturize your whole body with an adequate quantity of coconut oil or any other moisturizer of your choice would be a great idea. After you are done with your clay bath, make sure you wear a warm cloth, to keep the heat in the body. Post detoxification the body needs some extra warmth to recharge.

Bonus Tip: Detoxification does not only come from clay bath but also from certain healthy foods. So the day you plan for a detox bath, try having healthy food that will help you to clean the body even from inside. The guide for a natural detox is here.

What Can I Do to Increase The Effect of My Bath?

In this section we give you some possibilites to even increase the effect of the bath. You can do these things while you lay inside the bath tube or use them during the bath:

Bentonite Clay Face Mask

Face Mask

In case you are having a rough day or your skin has become too much oily and pimple prone, you can apply a paste of Bentonite clay and water either on the full face or on the blemishes and acne. Apply this smooth clay mixture on skin and let it remain for 20 minutes. Once it dries off rinse of the clay from the face. Next, apply a moisturizer o keep your face hydrated. You can even mix the clay with apple cider vinegar to get better results. Do a face mask while you take the bath so you use the time even better.

Use It As a Soap or As a Deodorant

Bentonite clay soap is great for pimple prone and oily skin. Use the soap during the bath. After you finished your bath you can use natural deodorant.

Make a Shampoo or a Hair Mask

Bentonite clay is even good for your hair. Just make a shampoo out of the water, apple cider vinegar and clay powder. Use 2 to 3 spoons of clay and mix it with the other two ingredients and apply it on the hair. After two or three times you will notice more volume in your hair. You can also do a hair mask with bentonite clay and you will find all the information here.

Basically, bentonite clay is super versatile. So you can add it to any facial recipe of yours and get the equal results. Having a clay bath is obviously a good source of detox but and it’s even better when you combine it with one of the above mentioned treatments.

Are There Alterantives?

Apart from Bentonite Clay, there is several alternatives which have various skin benefits. In this section we give you a few examples you might want to try:

Fuller’s Earth Clay Bath

This particular clay is an absorber of oil and impurities. By mixing with some rose water or normal water you can make a paste out of it and use it to have a cleaning clay bath.

French Green Clay Bath

This particular clay is best for exfoliation and pore tightening. Apart from soaking up oil, the clay even pulls your blood towards the skin. Apply it in little quantity since it can give a little tingling sensation.

Dead Sea Mud Bath

The Dead Sea mud was a choice of ancient people. Cleopatra the most beautiful and powerful woman of her times used to rejuvenate her skin with a Dead Sea Mud bath. The Dead Sea Mud is highly rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium. Having a dead sea mud bath will help provide you multiple benefits as you can read here.

Dead Sea Mud will leave you with a smooth skin, treat your skin irritations and pimples and will reduce pregnancy stretch marks. It can act as a good pain reliever and might reduce body aches It also increases the blood circulation in the whole body and acts as a natural antibiotic as it is fights against bacteria.

Will a Clay Bath Clog Your Drains?

One of the most practical questions is whether clay bath is going to clog your drains. It’s very unlikely but clay can actually clog your drains if there are big lumps of clay.

But don’t you worrytoo much! Here are some tips to avoid clogging of the drains posts a clay bath:

  • Always use a hair catcher to cover the drain when you are rinsing your body post a clay bath. The hair catcher will prevent the lumps from clogging the drain.
  • You can boil a kettle of water and pour the hot water in the drain to prevent clogging.
  • Baking Soda works great to clean clogging drains. Mix half a cup of Baking Soda with normal water and then pour the mixture near the drain. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then rinse the water off.
  • You can pour 1 cup of white Vinegar near the drain and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Next, pour the adequate amount of hot water in the drain and get your drains clogged free within a jiffy!

Final Thoughts

Bentonite clay is an amazing natural agent to detoxify the body from both externally and internally. Anyway, one of the best ways to get the most out of it is through an occasional clay bath. A clay bath does not focus on one area of the body, rather it deeply cleanses the whole body. After a stressful tired day, a clay bath is a good idea to get rid of that stress.

In our daily busy schedule sometimes it’s necessary to care for yourself. When you go to a spa for full body detoxification, it will definitely be more expensive. Rather getting a clay bath at home is much cheaper and convenient. On the other hand, you are in your comfort zone as you have a great time at home.

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