17 Bentonite Clay Benefits (with Scientific Evidence)

17 Benonite Clay Benefits

Many of you might heard about bentonite clay and its benefits. It is known as healing clay that is capable of treating different types of health issues especially when it is related to your hair, skin, and oral health. Also, bentonite clay is considered best for the detoxification. But what exactly is it and how can it help to cure a number of health issues.

Bentonite clay also called Montmorillonite clay is made from the volcanic ashes. This ash is found in Wyoming, Fort Benton, and some other places where volcanos are present. The name of the clay has come from the town where most of the supply is harvested (Benton).

Bentonite clay can be taken both internally and externally. You can simply apply it on your skin to improve your skin tone and to get rid of the excess oil deposits. It will work best for acne and skin impurities. Bentonite clay has been used for centuries to detoxify the body and to treat inflammation and other diseases. This clay offers a cost-effective solution to improve your overall health. In this article, we will focus on some key Bentonite clay benefits to help you to get a natural solution for your skin, gut, hair, and oral health.

17 Amazing Bentonite Clay Benefits

Bentonite Clay Benefits general

This article is all about the benefits of bentonite clay. When you want to know exactly how you can profit from bentonite clay check our guide to 20 bentonite clay uses. We start with some general benefits for you whole body.

1. Bentonite Clay is a Source of Minerals

Many of us do not know that bentonite clay is the powerhouse of minerals and nutrients. People normally think that it is the best medium to draw out toxins from the body. However, clay contains many minerals and can work as a multi-mineral source. Bentonite Clay has an abundance of different types of minerals that include magnesium, sodium, calcium, iron, potassium, copper, and silica. When you use clay in your drink, the minerals are absorbed into your body like other supplements.

In fact, some people use bentonite clay as the natural source of supplements to meet different requirements of the body. If you think you need more calcium, potassium, or any other minerals mentioned above, you can add bentonite clay in your diet to improve the condition. However, you need to take the right portion like other supplements and don’t overdo things.

2. Strengthen the Immune System

This is one of the key bentonite clay benefits. Your immune system acts as a shield to protect you against numerous bacteria and illness; both minor and severe. If your immunity is weak or poor, you can be infected frequently. If you are looking for a natural solution to improve your immune system, you can consider taking bentonite clay. This clay is very effective to strengthen your body’s defenses. As a result your body is strong and will kill the harmful bacteria and protect you from infection.

According to a study report, published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, bentonite clay has some specific minerals that have inherent and heat-stable antibacterial properties. [1] These properties can offer protection from many human bacterial infections.

More research might be needed to get better clarity on the subject. However, the current research seems promising and inspires many to use bentonite clay to treat different types of gut-related diseases. The clay will not only kill those harmful bacteria and viruses that cause infection, but it will also strengthen your defenses by keeping your gut wall strong.

A part of the human immune system is located in your gut microbiome. If your gut wall is not in good condition or compromised, then toxins will find a favorable condition to enter your bloodstream, causing more serious health complications. You can protect your gut wall with bentonite clay and that will ultimately minimize the amount of the toxins, bacteria, pesticides, and chemicals that can enter your bloodstream. Bentonite clay will offer a natural way to boost your immunity and to strengthen your gut wall.

3. Improves Digestion

Bentonite Clay Improves Digestion

Digestive problem is not new to the modern world. Many people are going through this problem and fighting silently. In fact, they do not find time to address the issue and to cure it completely due to their busy schedule. If you are one of them, you can simply take bentonite clay to treat your condition and to improve your digestive health. Bentonite clay will remove toxins and heavy material from your gut and that will promote your digestion.

Research done on the animal discovered that Bentonite clay is able to bind a particular toxin known as aflatoxins.[2] This toxin is available in a standard diet and mostly found in the stored food. If you leave it unattended, the influx of the aflatoxins might cause harmful conditions such as liver damage and a few types of cancers. In a study made on the cows, scientists have discovered that the molecules of the bentonite clay bound to bovine coronavirus and rotavirus.[2] These two viruses contribute to the gastroenteritis causing stomach flu.

Bentonite clay is able to neutralize the harmful bacteria in your gut and can kill the viruses. By doing so, it alleviates many digestive issues. Bentonite clay is also considered a relatively safe option to be taken during pregnancy to cure constipation as well as to help with IBS(Irritable bowel syndrome). It can be used for vomiting and nausea as well. But I would ask your gynecologist in EVERY CASE before taking any supplement during the pregnancy.

Bentonite clay improves your digestion by protecting the lining of the intestine and by removing the toxins. Otherwise, that can cause leaky guts and a lot of digestive concerns. However, these studies have been done on animals only, we can expect that it might be effective on humans.

You can also use bentonite clay for your pet. Your pet can safely consume this clay to get rid of the vomiting and nausea, like humans. You can simply add bentonite clay in your pet’s drinking water to reduce the symptoms of vomiting and nausea. Adequate quantity is important to avoid any side effect. Take one-fourth cup of clay and mix it in the drinking water of your pet. Dissolve it completely and then offer this drink to your pet. Your pet will not taste the clay and cannot even notice it. However, your pet will feel better quickly. We also wrote an article about how your pet can benefit from bentonite clay best.

4. Removes Toxins from Your Body

Removing toxins is one of the known Bentonite clay benefits. Most of us come into the contact of toxins many times every day. The reason is that toxins are present in many common products including cleaning supplies, markers, paint, low-quality unpurified water, building substances, and pesticides. You can come into contact with those toxins by simply breathing them. These are present everywhere in the environment. Yes, you can also get toxins from the low quality processed food.

Some heavy metal toxins such the mercury, benzene, lead, and cadmium can be found in the processed food and above-mentioned products. Bentonite clay benefits in the detoxification by expelling those toxins from your body and by fighting different pathogens that cause infections and diseases.

In its natural state, clay has negatively charged molecules and heavy metals and toxins and metals have positively charged molecules. Both these will come to bind together and to stay united during the toxin removal process. The clay seeks metals and toxins in your body to bind since a substance with a negative charge will look for the opposite types of the substances to become complete. After binding, the clay becomes capable to remove chemicals, toxins, heavy metals, impurities from human gut, mouth, and skin. Additionally there was a study which shows that clay binds bacteria and removes them from the body. The study from 2017 showed that montmorillonite clay binds Bacillus subtilis and gram-negative Pseudomonas putida. [3]

These are great and astonishing benefits for your whole body and inner organs. Now we go on with benefits for your skin:

5. Helps against Acne

bentonite clay helps against acne

Our environment is full of pollutions. These pollutions can impact your skin significantly causing a lot of skin problems. Your skin is exposed to the pollutants every day from the free radicals to grease, sun exposure, and dust. All these will slowly damage your skin and will cause oil accumulation leading to pimples. You cannot control pollution. But yes, you can minimize the impact. Besides that acne is one of the most general skin conditions and over 70% of the americans suffer from acne during their life. Especially during the puberty breakouts are not surprising. We wrote an article about how you can treat acne with bentonite clay here.

Bentonite clay works as a grime buster. It will clean your skin naturally and will make it fresh, smooth, and soft. Clay will soak up the excess oil and dirt that cause pimples. The negatively charged ions in the clay are very effective to treat acne. It will attract and draw out the toxins to your skin surface. Clay will also absorb sebum that is good for the pimple-prone skin. There was a study in 1983 which showed that bentonite clay helped to control sebum production[4].It will treat pimples and will also help to remove the scar tissues.

As stated earlier, clay will remove toxins from your skin pores and will speed up healing while reducing the inflammation. You can also use clay for lightening acne marks and scars on your face. Here you can read everything about fading acne scars with bentonite clay. The clay is rich in copper, potassium, silicate, magnesium, and iron. All these are effective for your skin health.

6. Helps against Oily Skin

Bentonite clay is mostly used to get rid of the excess oil deposits from the skin. Many include clay in their beauty routine to improve their skin tone and to prevent oil accumulation that affects the skin condition and causes acne breakouts. If you use soap frequently to remove oils, then it will make skin dry and dull. Bentonite clay will offer a natural solution. It will not make your skin dry. Instead, it will remove the oil naturally without causing dryness. [4]

Bentonite clay is safe and can be effective for all regardless of age. Clay is suitable for all skin types as well. It can be the best for oily skin. As mentioned earlier, this clay is packed with minerals and can nourish your skin while detoxifying it. Clay will suck out excess oil and stale sebum within your skin and its surface. If you have large pores, clay will diminish it and will reduce the amount of sebum concealed in your skin. If you suffer from oily skin you can take bentonite clay way more often. We wrote an article about the top 10 brands for oily skin here.

7. Cleans Impurities

clay cleans impuritites

Bentonite clay can be the best to clean skin impurities. You can prepare a clay mask with clay and water or apple cider vinegar and then apply it on your face and allow it to be dried up. Clay has the ability to bind to toxins and bacteria living on your skin surface and even within the pores. It will help to minimize the outbreak of the acne, blemishes, reduce inflammation, alleviate redness, and to fight some allergic reactions that your experience from face wash and other cosmetics. In fact, bentonite clay can be helpful to heal poison ivy.

8. Apply on Wounds

Bentonite clay is considered effective to heal wounds, bites and stings. It can act as an antibiotic treatment when you will apply it topically on your skin. Clay will reduce inflammation, calm your skin infections and can heal your wounds fast. It is sometimes even more effective than prescribed medicines. In case the wounds are too big please contact a physician for your own safety.

9. Benefits for Your Hair

Your hair gets nasty buildups from the sprays, styling gels, oils, and air pollution. All these can clog pores in the scalp and can affect your hair growth as well. It will affect the look and feel of your hair. If you try some hair products to improve your hair condition, it might help with a temporary solution. However, it might affect your hair growth. Bentonite clay benefits your hair, scalp, and strands. It will eliminate toxins and will remove the build-ups and excess oil and will offer super clean without damaging your scalp and hair in any manner. You can prepare a hair clay mask with clay, essential oil, and apple cider vinegar. Mix them to get a yogurt-like consistency and apply it on your hair gently. Leave it for twenty minutes and then rinse your hair thoroughly.

It will offer a super ultra-clean and will also give some extra volume. After applying the mask, you will notice a significant improvement in the feel and look of your hair. For more information about hair masks with bentonite clay check this article.

10. Benefits for Teeth and Gum

cleans teeth and gum

Your mouth is most susceptible to harmful outside invaders like toxins and bacteria. They can easily enter into your mouth and can cause a lot of health complications. Bentonite clay can protect your mouth from those in the best possible manner. It will bind to the harmful substances on your mouth. These substances are present around your teeth and on gums and tongue. In fact bentonite clay can protect you from cavity and parodontitis.

Clay will remove them before swallowing. Bentonite clay has antibacterial properties that can be effective for your oral health. In fact, clay has been used in the toothpaste to ensure better teeth cleaning and gum protection. We wrote an oral health guide about all details here.

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11. Benefits for Eczema

As mentioned above, bentonite clay benefits your skin in numerous ways. Eczema is one of them. Clay can be effective for most of the skin infections when applied topically. You can also use it in your bath (as a clay bath) to get the same benefits. Some skin conditions like eczema cause skin irritation and inflammation. Eczema causes many common symptoms such as the scaly spots, dryness, redness, crusting, and flaking. In some extreme cases, it can cause cracking or bleeding.

The problem with eczema is that it does not have a permanent cure. It will keep coming occasionally. The cause of this skin ailment is not known. Some environmental factors can aggravate the condition. If you are having this condition, you can use clay to get fast relief. When applied topically on your affected skin, clay will offer instant relief from the itching.

According to a research report, published in the Journal of General Microbiology, the skin-related fungi infections carry positive charges and clay is negatively charged. So, it will neutralize the infection and will draw out the infections and will offer fast healing. The antibiotic properties of clay will calm the inflammation and itching and will speed up the healing by building up new tissues. You cannot expect such benefits from other eczema medicines. In fact, if you use clay regularly, it will strengthen your body to a point of higher resistance that will ultimately minimize skin diseases. Clay can be best to manage psoriasis and eczema symptoms. Also, it is 100% natural and probaply will not cause any side effect.

12. Benefits for Arthritis

When applied as a clay pack, clay can help to relief the symptoms of arthritis. You can use the clay pack on your joints. As clay has negative ionic charges, it attracts the opposite positive ionic charges and an exchange takes place. The clay will eliminate some allergens from the concerned areas. By doing so, it will eliminate possible sources of arthritis inflammation.

Clay will also stimulate blood circulation in your body. Oxygen is carried throughout in your body by the blood. The oxygen-rich blood in your joints through the increased circulation will ensure the proper functioning of your cells and will also repair and rejuvenate healthy joint tissue.

13. Benefits for Your Gut and Enteric Nervous System

helps gut and enteric nervous system

As mentioned above, you might have an idea of how clay improves your gut health. The compounds of the clay are used in many diarrhea and anti-nausea medicines. Clay has the ability to neutralize the viruses and bacteria that affect your gut health. At first you might seem to have some concers by drinking mud but I can tell you it is fine. You have to buy food grade bentonite clay to cause no harm. We wrote an hot-to guide about drinking clay so you can gather all informations before starting.

Bentonite clay has tons of minerals considered best for your digestive health. Also, nearly everyone can use clay to improve gut health. Clay will remove the harmful bacteria from your intestines. As a result, the good bacteria will flourish and will contribute to your gut health. A healthy gut can function better to digest your food, to boost your immunity, to remove the toxin and to prevent them to enter into your system. One part of the autonomic nervous system is the enteric nervous system, which govers the function of the gastroinstestinal tract. The enteric nervous system is a very important part of your overall mental and physcial constitution.

14. Benefits for Your Rectum

Bentonite clay offers a natural solution. It is highly absorbent. Clay is considered best for colon cleansing. The natural clay will not be absorbed by your body. Instead, it will stay and will bind the toxins in your intestine tract and then it will pass out with the feces. You can use both the dry and liquid form to clean your colon, tough we would recommend the liquid. Just check out our full guide for enemas with bentonite clay before you start doing this.

15. Might Support Weight Loss

Bentonite clay is considered effective for weight loss. You can combine it with a healthy diet to speed up your weight loss process. Clay is found to promote weight loss in healthy men within a period of twenty-one days. The participants of a study also noticed improvements in their total cholesterol. However, it was combined with probiotic, natural detox drinks, and alkaline food. So, it is hard to say how clay as a single element can be effective for weight loss. Till date, no research has done on humans to prove clay weight loss benefits. However, a trial done on rats reveals that clay is effective for weight loss and decreased cholesterol.[5]

Another study in 2018 shows, that clay can be a treatment against obesity. They found out, that clay adsorbed significant quantities of medium chain triglycerides and lipolytic products.[8]

16. Kills Harmful Bacteria

helps against bacteria

Clay is found very effective to kill harmful bacteria. A study published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, says that bentonite clay is useful to kill harmful bacteria and virus and neutralize them. Both can boost your immunity and can improve your gut health as well. [6]

Not surprisingly, clay is capable to kill the pathogens. One study also proved that clay is more effective than antibiotics. It could even kill the bacteria where antibiotic proved ineffective.

You can also use clay to kill bacteria by delivering toxins. Clay contains microbe-destroying ions that include copper, zinc, silver and can release these ions while coming into contact with harmful bacteria.

17. Role of Bentonite Clays on Cell Growth

A study in 2016 found out, that bentonite clay can induce growth inhibition on two different cancer cells in human. There were specific reactions between the clay and the cells. Though there has to be more research done this seems to be a promising approach.[7]

Is There a Benefit for Dry Skin?

Bentonite clay is normally used for oily skin. We normally use it to get rid of the excess oil deposits and to prevent acne breakouts. It is also considered best for skin impurities. But is it effective for dry skin? Yes, you can use clay for dry skin as well. It is safe for all types of skin. If you have eczema due to dryness, you can use clay to get instant relief. But you have to be more careful though. Start with one time a weak and check how your skin reacts to the treatment.

But if you do it correct and with patience clay will provide deep cleaning by sloughing away dead skin cells. It will improve dry and flaky skin by making your complexion healthier, smoother, and softer.


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