17 Benefits of Dead Sea Mud (Includes Comparison to Bentonite Clay)

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The Dead Sea is a lake also called the “Sea of Salt” because of its high salinity of 34%. The lake is one of the first health resorts around the world and is located between Israel and Jordan. The concentration is so high that vacationers are often seen effortlessly floating on the water; often they appear as if they are sitting in an invisible chair. This high salt concentration also makes the mud of this lake rich with many minerals and is a useful ingredient for your skin care products. The clay has been used for thousands of years to cure various disease patterns like joint paint and skin disorders.

If used as a face mask or body wrap, Dead Sea mud has various properties you can benefit from. In this article we present you with many of these benefits for you to gain a better understanding of the power of Dead Sea mud. At the end, we compare it to Bentonite clay and you can see the difference between these two treatments.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Does Dead Sea mud really work?” Read this article to find out!

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1. Dead Sea Mud Fights Against Acne.

During puberty, nearly all adolescents will suffer from acne breakouts. Acne affects over 50 million Americans yearly and can appear on your face, neck, back, and shoulders. These are the areas where the most sebum glands are located. If you suffer from acne, your glands produce more sebum than normal and that can lead to oily skin and clogged pores. Overtime, this excess oil can cause you to develop pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads; which can lead to inflammations. The worst form of acne is cystic acne which you can’t treat at home.

Dead Sea mud helps against acute acne situations because of its ingredients. In May 2006 researchers found out, that the hypersaline mud in fact has antimicrobial properties. If you apply the mud on test microorganisms, they lose viability after a short time period [1]. There are millions of bacteria colonizing your face during an acne breakout and the mud will destroy most of them. In fact, mud can even prevent further breakouts when used prophylactically.

2. Helps Against Chronic Back Pain.

Lower back pain is a phenomenon in our society because we all sit way too much at work. That leads to muscle and skeletal tension and in worse cases scenarios, this tension can lead to disc prolapses. Before you undergo an operation, you should try natural healing methods like Dead Sea mud or Physiotherapy.

If you apply mud on your lower back it can relieve chronic back pain. There are a few ways you can apply the mud on your back. You can either do a mud compress or you apply warm mud packs to the affected area. The heat will support the effect of the pack. In 2014, a study showed that a Dead Sea mud compress for five times a week in three successive weeks led to significant improvement of the back pain. You can check the abstract of the study [2].

3. Reduces Skin Impurities.

Dead Sea mud used as a face mask can massively improve the quality of your skin. Mud masks remove impurities, unclog pores and eliminate dead skin cells on your body. The salt is a great exfoliant, thoroughly cleansing your face while leaving soft, smooth skin. You can compare this with a body peel.

The mud also contains clay, which will aid in the absorption of dirt and impurities from your skin. Clay has a negative charge and draws out all the positively charged toxins and dirt. It can even clean blackheads in a reliable way. You can apply Dead Sea mud anywhere on your body, not just at your face. One possibility would be a body wrap described in this article. Dead Sea mud will make your skin clean and beautiful in a natural way that will leave you with a healthy glow.

Dead Sea Mud Mask

4. Helps Improve Psoriasis and Other Skin Disorders.

Psoriasis is a skin disease that is caused by the multiplication of skin cells without discarding already used cells. They tend to grow ten times faster than normal skin cells and that often leads to red, bumpy spots on your skin. Moreover, the skin builds up white, irregular areas that eventually shed from the skin from time to time. You can apply Dead Sea mud as a compress on these spots or when suffering from a Psoriasis flare ups. The high concentration of salt and the other ingredients can be used to treat Psoriasis effectively. This was proven by a study in conducted in 2012, where researchers found that Dead Sea mud treatments are beneficial in several Rheumatologic diseases and Psoriasis. [3] The researchers must have had a sense of humor because they made sure to warn that you can’t drink the Dead Sea water. Drink salt water? Gross!

5. Dead Sea Mud Helps Diminish Arthritis and Joint Pain.

The same study [3] also showed that the Dead Sea mud helps against arthritis and joint pain. Arthritis is a disease nearly everyone suffers from during our lives. The most well-known type is Osteoarthritis and usually occurs when you get older and the Arthrodial cartilage reduces due to movement. Bone begins to rub against bone and can lead to pain, swelling, and inflammation. One other type is Rheumatoid Arthritis which is caused by the immune system mistakenly attacking the joints; this type most commonly affects the joints of hands. There are hundreds of other types, but this would go beyond the scope of this article. Nevertheless, Dead Sea mud can help to relieve your joint pain by suppressing the inflammation in the affected joints.

6. Skin Exfoliation.

Our skin is the largest and only external organ the body has. It also has the ability to renew and efficiently repair itself. This process lasts 28 days from the start of fresh tiny baby cells to the end as an old useless keratin skin cell that eventually flakes off. Every day our skin produces a handful of keratin skin cells that are no longer useful. These old cells lay on the surface of our skin with the potential to do harm to your skin.

Dead Sea mud has great properties that help to exfoliate your skin. That means it can remove dead skin cells, which otherwise would collect toxins, and help to unclog pores. It’s like a salt-peel you get during a spa treatment.

7. Detoxing and Cleansing Your Skin.

dead see mud

Dead Sea mud often contains a healing clay; as mentioned above. The clay is an absolute beast when it comes to absorbing metals and toxins from your skin. Due to its negative charge, it can remove the positively charged substances. Furthermore, the mud can act as a skin peel, destroying bacteria, removing impurities, while eliminating sebum from the surface of your skin. After a few weeks, you will begin to notice a new, radiant glow on your soft and smooth facial skin!

8.Gives Your Skin Minerals and Nutrients.

The mud is packed with lots of useful minerals and nutrients your skin will benefit from. We mention a few in this list so you have a better overview of its powerful elements:

  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Chloride
  • Bromide
  • Sulfur
  • Silicon dioxide

Before using Dead Sea masks or treatments, check if you have an allergy against any of these minerals. You can apply a small amount to a discreet location for 30 minutes to test for a reaction. If none is observed, larger application areas can be tested. As always, if unsure, check with your physician prior to usage.

9. Minimizing Pores of Your Skin.

Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of your pores without a surgical intervention like laser therapy. While this photoshop effect is simply not real in life, you can work to minimize your pores. Even though pores can be a source of annoyance, we should also celebrate their purpose; which is to aid in the removal of toxins from the body. To make them less noticeable, I would recommend using a mixture of Dead Sea clay and Bentonite clay to soak all the sebaceous oil out of the pores. They will immediately appear smaller than before and this will help to create the irresistibly smooth skin you crave!

10. Improves Skin Elasticity and Increases Blood Circulation.

The Dead Sea mud can help improve skin elasticity by increasing blood circulation to the application area. The more blood flowing through your veins, the faster the dirt can be removed by the defense cells. These protective cells create room for new cells to grow and that leads to more elasticity.Furthermore, newly built collagen fibers help the skin to become stronger and more resistant against outer influences, like the sun or other daily toxins. The improved blood circulation is also great for your appearance. Your cheeks will start to glow and look impressively healthier than before!

Dead Sea Minerals

11. Dead Sea Mud Hydrates Your Skin.

Do you know the difference between dehydrated and dry skin? At first glance, you might think it’s the same but if left untreated, each can lead to their own set of complications. Dehydrated Skin is caused by a lack of water while dry skin is caused by a lack of oil or sebum. Dry skin is will quickly regenerate with a moisturizer; while dehydrated skin takes time to replenish because it only gets better after consuming enough water to rehydrate your body. Dehydrated skin is also one of the first signs that your body is crying out for water!

Many healthcare products leave your skin dry and irritated, but Dead Sea mud will leave it smooth and hydrated because it helps to lock in needed moisture. You discover all the minerals and nutrients in point 8 which are responsible for this effect. With the help of osmosis, they draw water inside the cells and hydrate your skin. That leads to improved elasticity and resilience.

12. You Can Use Dead Sea Mud on Your Whole Body.

This one seems kind of obvious but, the truth is most people only use Dead Sea mud as a facial mask. That is perfectly fine; but, they’re missing out on the huge benefits the mud has on all areas of the body. Skin disorders, like Psoriasis, often occur on your neck or other parts of your body. Nutrient infused mud, as mentioned before, is helpful against joint pain and arthritis.

13. Eliminates Stretchmarks (and Might Help Against Cellulite).

Stretchmarks always occur with massive weight gains. These include being pregnant or when building up huge amounts of muscle (to the bodybuilders out there). The skin can only stretch to a certain point before it becomes damaged. Stretchmarks won’t fade away completely; but, you can make them less noticeable. Dead Sea mud can help to diminish them by improving the elasticity of the skin. If you have problems with cellulite, there are multiple factors you should consider; these include playing sports, diet, and an overall healthy lifestyle. These mixed with using Dead Sea mud can help to keep you in the best looking shape possible!

14. Prevents Hair Loss.

This one is huge for all men with hair loss problems! But women should also be attentive because over 30% of all women older than 40 years, also suffer from hair loss. Hair loss can lead to a sense of  anxiety and less self-confidence when it happens. Some men look irresistible when bald but not every man feels that way. What many don’t know if the main reason for hair loss is the premature death of hair follicles. Unfortunately, they don’t renew once they die.

While you cannot stop the process of hair loss, you can slow it down. You should apply Dead Sea mud on your scalp and rub it in for 15 minutes. Afterwards, rinse your hair but don’t wash it shampoo. The nutrients of the mud need time to take effect overnight. If used regularly, the nutrients inside the mud can help to extend the lifespan of the hair follicle and slow down the balding process.

15. Restores Your pH-Balance.

The pH-value is a number which defines the acidity or basicity of your skin. The normal value of our skin should be around 4-6. All values under 7 are rather acid, that’s why you can also call it ‘acid mantle’ of the skin. This is very important because it protects your body from Dermatosis and prevents harmful bacteria from growing. Dead Sea mud is able to stabilize the acid mantle by restoring your pH-value and bring it back to normal. This is very important because our skin is exposed to outer influences like toxins, basic cosmetics, and temperature. If this pH-balance is disturbed the skin gets very vulnerable to disorders like Atopic Eczema and Rosacea.

16. Relieves Stress and Lead to Better Sleep.

That is one of my favorite benefits! When you do your Dead Sea mud face mask and you relax for 20 minutes, you’re pampering yourself and taking care of your well-being. Often, I combine a mask with meditation. I am simply grateful for the amazing luck of being able to use Dead Sea mud anywhere I travel in the world!

If that isn’t enough of a reason, a study in the Journal of Cosmetics showed that you induce positive stress by applying a mud mask. The reasons are once again due to the minerals inside the mud that reduce your physical and mental stress [4]. 

17. You can Do It Yourself at Home.

The best reason to start is that you can do a mud treatment all by yourself at home. You don’t have to visit expensive spa locations to benefit from Dead Sea mud. Just grab a Dead Sea Mud Mask at Amazon and start your wellness treatment. This mud mask is relatively cheap and you can’t do anything wrong.

Bentonite Clay vs. Dead Sea Mud.

Normally, I use Bentonite clay masks while Julia uses the Dead Sea mud masks because she is a huge fan of Israel and the Dead Sea. Both products are 100 % natural, so no chemical ingredients are added. For 4 weeks, we both used one facial mask each week. The effect was nearly the same. We both got clearer, smoother skin with nearly no impurities left. Our feeling was that the Bentonite clay is a little more aggressive compared to the Dead Sea mud. I always had red, slightly irritated skin for 15 minutes afterwards.

For price comparison, Bentonite clay is a little cheaper than the Dead Sea mud in terms of face masks.

As for which one is easier to use, Dead Sea mud comes pre-mixed. Bentonite clay often comes as a powder. I like it this way because I want to mix it with different things like apple cider vinegar and so on.

To conclude, we would always come back to the Bentonite clay. My opinion is that my skin always felt smoother after the clay treatment. I just love the feeling of me skin pulsating while doing a Bentonite clay mask! For sensitive skin, I can also recommend the mud because it’s not as aggressive and irritating. Ultimately, after reading and writing so much about Dead Sea mud we maybe spend our holidays there this year. Then we could try the product directly from the source!


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