15 Amazing Benefits of Bentonite Clay for Your Skin

Bentonite Clay Benefits

Bentonite Clay is a powder formed by volcanic ashes. Its true powers are released when you mix it with water or other liquid or powder substances. You can use Bentonite clay externally on your skin, as a clay pack on your joints, or as a clay bath. Bentonite clay is commonly used in facial masks. The skin on your face can be stressed by outside influences like the sun. Acne, blackheads, wrinkles and age marks can all be treated with this clay. It doesn’t stop there though, Bentonite clay capsules can also help with internal issues such as digestion.

In this article, we present you 15 amazing benefits of Bentonite clay when used externally on the skin.

A few benefits are just mind-blowing so make sure you go on reading.

1. Reduces Inflammation.

Bentonite Clay has many great benefits but we will start with one that is actually mind-blowing! It can reduce inflammation due to its absorbing properties. The clay draws nutrients away from the bacteria causing them to perish. The lower the number of inflammation causing bacterias, the faster your body can heal this inflammation and recover. Healing needs time, so don’t expect too much. Normally your body needs a certain period to defeat inflammation, but it gets easier with the help of bentonite clay. The best way to take advantage of this benefit is to use the healing clay as a “clay pack” treatment on the location when needed.

You can use clay packs on every location of the body. For example, the best way to cure joint pain with Bentonite clay is a clay pack. Apply the pack on the affected joint and wait till it’s dried out. You can do this up to three times a day. Do this straight for six weeks and I promise you will recognize a huge improvement in your pain. Many studies are now showing that consistently using a clay pack with Bentonite clay is help many arthritis sufferers find relief.

Additionally, you can ice the affected area to speed up the healing process or you can mix the bentonite clay with chamomile for a calming effect.

2. Clay Eliminates Toxins, Metals and Free Radicals.

Bentonite clay is an amazingly strong, detoxing substance. After you apply the clay on your skin, it will need some time to take effect. The negatively charged ions inside of the mud draw out positive elements like metals or toxins. The toxins stick to the clay and vanish down the drain after you rinse of your mask off.

Furthermore, the clay can eliminate free radicals. Free radicals are atoms with unpaired electrons that are permanently searching for other electrons to pair with. These radicals are a naturally occurring metabolism bi-product. While searching for other electrons, they damage cells inside our body. This can lead to severe diseases like cancer. Free radicals are also related to the cell aging processes. By capturing these radicals, you can boost your health in a great way!

3. Clay Helps to Control Sebum Production.

Sebum is an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands. These glands are located next to the hair follicles in your cutis. Sebum has the function to moisten your skin and provide a nice glow with a smooth surface. Sebum prevents the skin from drying out while it helps to build a protective barrier against outer influences like chemicals or UV radiation.

The problem is that, in a few cases, the glands tend to overproduce sebum and that leads to oily skin. Under these circumstances, pores become clogged and pimples begin to form. To inhibit the formation of pimples and blackheads, the Bentonite clay draws out and absorbs the additional sebum. The benefits to you is smoother and more radiant skin. Be careful though, your skin can become dry if you do this too often. You can check the recommended application frequency by discovering facial mask recipes in this article.

4. Fights Against Acne.

We’ve learned that Bentonite clay can help control sebum production and that’s very important if you suffer from acne problems. There is a study that clay, used for 6 weeks, can reduce acne by up to 54%! People with acne have a much higher sebum production than those without acne. While acne can be painful when touched, it can also be painfully embarrassing and can quickly reduce your confidence to a zero.

Acne After Bentonite Clay Treatment
Acne before and after a bentonite clay treatment

Since Bentonite clay controls sebum production, breakouts are less likely to happen with regular use. Furthermore, clay reduces bacteria, as mentioned above, which leads to less inflammation and inhibits those red, juicy zits you often connect to acne. Even cystic acne sufferers should try Bentonite clay; though I recommend contacting a physician for severe cases. Cystic acne is the worst form of acne building deep “underground” corridors which can lead to distinct acne scars.

5. Clay Helps with Fading Acne Scars

If you had problems with acne back in your puberty, you might have suffered from acne scars. Severe forms of acne can leave scarring that looks like indentations in the skin; cystic acne is a common cause of this type of scarring. While there are different types of scars, the exact process is described in this article. Acne scars are mainly an aesthetic problem which can impair your confidence.

Bentonite clay stimulates the skin to produce new collagen fibers, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. These substances fill the scars by encouraging the growth of new tissue. Additionally, the clay improves the blood circulation of the area which allows the regeneration of new cells and new layer to begin. This benefit is a slow process but, if you have to stick to your clay application routines for several months, you will begin to see the acne scars fade away.

6. Clay Unclogs Pores and Makes Them Smaller.

While this one is similar to the control of sebum production, I want to bring this issue up once more because I find it extremely important for understanding why Bentonite clay is so powerful. The clay unclogs pores by removing dead cells and excessive sebum. Clogged pores can lead to whiteheads which is trapped sebum inside the sebaceous gland duct. This often leads to inflammation of the area that is easily identified as a big, red pimple.

Before the pore is unclogged the dirt inside stretched it; making the pore look huge. After removing the impurities and sebum, the pore will shrink back to its normal size. Smaller pores look better and you will feel that you are one step closer to the perfect skin you’re striving for!

7. Heals Eczema and Rosacea.

Itching Eczema

Bentonite clay is a multi-talented when it comes to benefiting your skin. You can use it as a paste for your face or sprinkle some in your bath so your entire body can enjoy to benefits of Bentonite clay! It is also useful when treating skin irritating skin conditions like eczema or rosacea. One common illness is atopic eczema often that can occur in the crook of the arm or on the back of the knee. If you suffer from atopic eczema, you know how annoying the itching can be. When you use Bentonite clay on the affected area of skin, it provides immediate relief and calms the irritation. During that time, it also draws out any fungal infections that can be related to your eczema. With the constant use of Bentonite clay, you will reduce the symptoms and strengthen your skin. To further improve the affected area, you can mix the bentonite clay with apple cider vinegar (ACV), and apply the mixture onto your skin. The ACV has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, along with minerals and vitamins, to support your skin’s fight against eczema.

8. Bentonite Clay Can be Used for Every Skin Type.

You can use Bentonite clay for almost every skin type. For oily skin it has great absorbing properties to control the production of oil and sebum. For dry skin, it has valuable nutrients gathered from the Earth. The only constraint you have to think about is the frequency with which you use the clay. If used to often, your skin will get dried out and flaky. In the beginning, I would recommend to start with one clay mask a week; if that is suitable for your skin type, slowly increase the frequency. If you find out that Bentonite clay products, such as the famous Aztec healing clay, is too aggressive, you can try a milder version, such as Kaolin clay. Kaolin clay is the main ingredient of rose/pink clay. You can find amazing recipes for it by checking here. If the Bentonite clay is too harsh for you, Pink clay is the best alternative solution if you still want to profit from the benefits of a healing clay.

9. Clay Improves Your Blood Circulation and Makes Your Skin Glow.

The clay insulates the surface of your skin, allowing your blood vessels to relax and expand. That leads to improved blood flow and an improvement in immune response. Improved blood circulation aids in an increase in the transport time of your defense cells; carrying them much faster to the needed location so they can do their work in a shorter period of time. This is absolutely amazing and is what allows you to cure your inflammations much faster when you use Bentonite clay.

Furthermore, your cheeks will look and feel much healthier. The increased blood flow to your facial skin ensures a healthy glow because more erythrocytes are flowing through your veins.

10. Natural Exfoliation – Leaving Your Face Soft and Smoothe.

All the benefits mentioned above will lead to this result. If you use Bentonite clay the correct way, in terms of frequency, you can really improve the quality of your skin. The ingredients in Bentonite clay are 100% natural without any chemical additives (depending on the product you choose). The clay exfoliates the skin by removing old cells, excessive oils, and dirt from the surface; thus, leaving it clean and smooth afterwards.

11. Clay Can be Used as an Replacement for Toxic Powders.

You can use healing clays on the skin of your baby if you want a natural baby powder without the toxic ingredients of the chemically manufactured powders. Since it’s natural, it will not do any harm to the body of your baby. Furthermore, you can use it as a replacement for your facial powder. Normally, facial powders often have damaging ingredients that can hurt your skin. This is a great product to try if you have sensitive skin.

Bentonite clay mix

12. Can be Used on Bites, Stings, and Burns.

You can apply Bentonite clay on every injury to your skin; whether it be a bite, sting, or even a sunburn. The clay, thanks to its negative charge, draws toxins out of the wounds and helps your skin to recover faster. When you have a sunburn, your skin tries to eliminate the damaged cells because they can lead to cancer. This process can be sped up with regular usage of Bentonite clay.

There are a few articles on the internet that claim you shouldn’t apply Bentonite clay on open wounds because of the lead and aluminum in it. I don’t share this opinion because the clay has a negative charge (as mentioned above) and draws all the metals out of your body. Additionally, there are only trace amounts of those metals, so the risk is minimal. If you want to know more about possible side effects, check this article.

13. Reduces Blemishes and Prevents Blackheads.

While this point is similar to the one concerning pimples and acne, it’s really so helpful that I thought it was worth mentioning again! Bentonite clay is not only helpful for your health but also for your appearance and beauty. Using the clay for multiple weeks will turn the surface of your face into a smooth, glowing canvas. Due to the fact that the clay unclogs your pores with its soaking property, it can prevent the formation of blackheads and further escalation of acne scars. This is all made possible because it encourages skin cell regeneration to help fight and reduce blemishes and age marks.

14. Repairs Your Skin to Make You Look Younger.

Clay will definitely make you look younger and more fit! Beside the facts we already mentioned, like fighting wrinkles and age marks, it can even remove rings from underneath your eyes. Overall, you get stronger skin with a more even skin tone. This is because of the new collagen that builds up while using the healing paste. Bentonite clay can actually breathe life into your skin! This will lead to more confidence and an improved charisma.

very nice skin

15. You Can Mix Clay With Other Things to Improve the Effect.

You can combine bentonite clay with countless other substances like honey, yogurt, and ACV. All these substances have their own benefits and can improve your treatment. Honey, for example is one of the oldest and best skin treatments ever. It is antibacterial, full of antioxidants, moisturizing, and helps to create a glow. Yogurt fades blemishes and pigmentation, while also being a great moisturizer. It also helps with reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

One popular mixture is Bentonite clay with ACV. The ACV exfoliates the skin and helps to adjust your skin’s pH level. It is one of the best home remedies to fight against Paronychia because of its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

16. Bonus.

I always use bentonite clay with ACV to get the best results for my skin. From time to time, I have a pretty oily forehead with a few noticeable pimples growing. This often happens during the summer when I want my skin to look its best. I quickly gain control over the situation by using the described mixture twice a week. After 3 weeks, my skin is absolutely clean and smooth. I love this recipe and recommend you try it for yourself to achieve the radiant skin you deserve!

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